Loan Scam : 0756895735 Roberto Venti


PseudonymRoberto Venti
Url / Website
Telephone07 56 89 57 35 (more info)
Scam contentsHello.

Are you okay?
Welcome to Groupe oli-Finance, the service that offers you
secured online with a warranty
We remind you that with us the clientele is very sacred so we
consider your loan application regardless of its nature

Here are the conditions for obtaining the loan:

1- Be 18 at least and 75 at most and have an income
that can allow you to pay off your loan
2-Having a piece of identification, (ID card, port pass or
driver's license more than one full photo) for validation of
your request from our department and our bank
3-You must have a bank account in order to receive the loan without
problem (bank account on your behalf)
4-Our interest rate is between 3% and 5% depending on the amount
to want.
5- After the drafting of the contract, we will send you a copy that
you must sign in order to confirm your agreement for the
repayment of the loan You must return to us the contract signed by
mail, or by mail.
6-Once the contract is signed, it will be sent to the
tax registration (a tax office) to make it
Registered. It is a good idea to have the loan deed registered in order
to establish without dispute the date on which it was drafted - to make
"certain date" in legal jargon. Only fees
registration of the contract to the IRS are the responsibility of the
That is, your responsibility.

7-Then this will be followed by the disbursement of funds by our bank
partner. So You will start repaying the loan, Three (03)
months after the funds are disbursed to your bank account or
another desired way, this can really help you and the
repayment will not be effective until that date until the end of the
the duration of the refund.
So, if the conditions are right for you, please leave us with a
so that we can start opening your loan file
and send you the next steps to take to obtain
your loan as soon as possible.

Please accept our sincere greetings.

Waiting to read you.

Kind regards
Oli Group
07 55 80 37 83
Your comments / analysisThey say that the cost of registration of the contract to the tax office is 150 €regardless of the amount you want to borrow.
You will find this rate only at us.
We guarantee you that this is the only fare paid to have your loan from us.

After paying that 150e they send you an link to so called bank
And then this so called bank send you this
Your transfer requires the insurance code. This insurance is designed to secure the loan and protect you against the borrower's default risk.
This insurance provides assistance for partial or total repayment of the
loan by the insurer in the event of death, disability, incapacity for
work or loss of the borrower.
The insurance code costs 450 €.
Please proceed to the payment of 450 € by bank transfer After your
payment, please send us a copy of the payment receipt as proof.
You will make the payment on behalf of your lender's manager:
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
Warn your friends!

telephone number analysis 07 56 89 57 35

Phone number typeCell phone number
Other formats
  • 0756895735
  • 07 56 89 57 35
  • 07-56-89-57-35
International format
  • +33 7 56 89 57 35
Telephone companyON/OFF
TerritoryNuméro virtuel



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