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PseudonymZorka simon plumpton
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Scam contentsI have photos.paid £110 for remote boots in November waited 3 weeks and today delivered by Royal Mail I got a scarf
I am furious i have the site and details i paid fro but it wont let me load any more
Your comments / analysisWill i get my money back enclose photosa but cross out my address
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  • kcybulska 06/08/2020 at 07:22 PM

    Hi, I’ve got the same problem... I’d ordered shoes from the chinese website and got a scarf with THE SAME receipt, I mean not only the prize is the same but also date and hour... I couldn’t make a complaint and I cannot even resell that scarf for the prize I’ve lost because it’s fake although the prize from the receipt is pretty big wtf.... Have you managed anyhow with this situation?



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