Job Scam : +14697300241 Energy future holdings


PseudonymEnergy future holdings
Url / Website
Telephone+1 469-730-0241 (ou 0014697300241) (more info)
Scam contentsJob offer
Your comments / analysisEnergy Future Holdings Incorporated.
Energy Plaza 1601 Bryan Street,
Dallas, TX 75201 United States.
Phone: +1 469 730 0241
Fax: +1 469 730 0119

Dear name

With the approval of the board of directors of Energy future holdings,we are delighted to formally offer you an employment to work with us. Find attached soft copy of your employment letter which contains terms of employment for your perusal and immediate action if you find the terms acceptable. Upon thorough review and acceptance of this contract package, dot your signature in the space indicated in the last page of the offer letter and return same to us via email attachment within a period of 10 working days.You are to immediately make contact with Simon Moss Law Firm with the below contact details to process your personal background check and attestation for the award of permanent employment certification duly endorsed by the department of labor within 10 working days.

Simon Moss Law Firm
1445 Ross Avenue,
Suite 3800 Dallas, TX 75202, USA.
Contact Person: Simon Moss (Managing Partner)
Tel: +1 214 329 9771
Fax: +1 214 856 0011

On getting the permanent employment certification duly endorsed by the department of labor, you should make available to us the below documents for the processing of your Work permit and Visa in line with the policy of the USCIS.

1. Scan copy of your permanent employment certification
2. Scan copy of your duly Signed Job Offer Letter
3. Scanned Copy of International Passport (Data Page)
4. Scanned Copy of Passport Photograph (Colored)

Should you require more information, feel free to contact us immediately; we await your prompt reply.



Smith Morgan
HR Director, Energy Future Holdings Incorporated.
Phone: +1 469 730 0241
Fax: +1 469 730 0119
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  • +1 469-730-0241


  • Jenny Blanks 02/13/2020 at 10:11 PM

    I got an employment with this company and i am currently working there, am surprised seeing the company being label as scam company.

    • Amirul 02/17/2020 at 08:36 AM

      Hi Jenny,
      Could you clarify more on this?

  • aabdu6 02/16/2020 at 09:25 AM

    I received the same email too and still getting the answer if it is a scam or a legitimate employment offer.

  • Elshawarby 02/17/2020 at 12:41 AM

    I received the same it a scam

    • Amirul 02/17/2020 at 08:37 AM

      Have you confirm that this email from scammer?

  • DIMAS JOSE 02/17/2020 at 08:28 PM

    I received the same email, initially a CV request by linkedin, three months later (approximately) an email stating that I was being considered, and that I was in a verification stage. That they would contact me later to make me the offer in case my profile was satisfactory. After a few days, I receive an offer letter,
    I find it very strange that they indicate that they will not conduct interviews in the first e-mail.

    first email

    Dear potential employee

    Energy Future Holdings have received your application to join our world class team and we believe your coming on board will make a huge difference.
    We are glad about your interest in our corporation.

    Thank you for replying to our invitation and opting to be a part of the recruitment process.

    We have received your resume "as sent by you" and we are in the process of reviewing your application, While processing your application, we shall review your qualifications and we might also check with your previous employers (where need be).... Read more

  • DIMAS JOSE 02/17/2020 at 08:30 PM

    Then I received the same email that indicates the content of this post.

    • Amirul 02/18/2020 at 03:35 AM

      I managed to talk with the HR Director Smith Morgan. He convinced me that the company is under restructuring and that's why I couldn't get a lot of info from the web even their website.

      I already signed the employment letter and the company directed me to provide the necessary documents to their appointed law firm (Simon Moss Law Firm).

      I contacted the law firm and they replied;

      Simon Moss Law Firm
      1445 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75202 USA.
      Contact Person: Simon Moss (Managing Partner)
      Tel: +1 214 329 9771 (calls and whatsapp)
      Fax: +1 214 329 9011

      Client Name: Amirul

      We are in receipt of your e-mail in which you have indicated your
      interest in our legal services. Simon Moss Law Firm is a well
      known reputable immigration/employment law firm globally and we
      are poised to give you the best service. Your requested service is not new to us, we have worked for several local and international employees on this basis and helped them achieved permanent residence status here in USA.

      Having received your mail pertaining to the procurement of permanent employment certification. Find below the requirements as contained in title 14 of the US labor code (14 ALC), and part 61 of US immigration act. You are to submit the below requirements to enable us obtain the permanent employment certification on your behalf. The permanent employment certification is required in order for your employer to file in your work permit application with United States immigration....Read more

    • Sam1 02/19/2020 at 12:53 AM

      are you involved in this scam?

    • Amirul 02/20/2020 at 06:10 AM

      nope, I'm asking if anyone can clarify if this is a scam

    • GST_iGus 03/03/2020 at 12:03 AM

      It does disgust me this kind of SCAMs, one puts its personal information on LinkedIn and play with the rules, only to get advantage over the naive nature of the people that is desperately to get something better, I tried to track back the source of this offer, the pages exist but are incomplete and new. Anyways no Employer will ever ask you for money, the salary offered int he contract is out imagination, almost 200,000 USD per year, what is sad is that I innocently sent my personal information, this got me angry, cause I was contacted in LinkedIn to find out the account on LinkedIn that asked me for my information to be deleted... this sucks!!!!!

  • Bnate1 02/19/2020 at 12:34 AM

    I received the same email, I could not answer more, there are many doubts. I do not know the company, they have asked me to contact the law firm, the pampering mentioned here. Are you sure it's not a scam?

    • Amirul 02/20/2020 at 06:11 AM

      not sure, still figuring out

  • DJ 02/25/2020 at 04:11 PM

    Any news about this case? Could someone get contact and ensure it is not a scam?

  • Soliman 02/26/2020 at 01:36 PM

    I went through the same process and as Dimas mentioned and I find it very strange that they indicate that they will not conduct interviews in the first e-mail. then they send an employment offer asking to contact Simon Law firm and pay $3000 to get the permanent employment certification

    still trying to figure out if it scam or not

    • GST_iGus 03/03/2020 at 12:06 AM

      It is!!!! no employer ever will ask you to pay for services, and for the payment methods listed there is no way to get a bill for it for taxes, remember corporation love to get the billing note to pay taxes....

  • Zaquan 03/04/2020 at 02:36 AM

    I received the same email and replied them back asking about their procedure on selecting the candidates since there is no interview at all.

    And this is their answer:

    "The recruitment was impromptu as a result of restructuring of our operations.
    You do apply for the position through linkedin, you can check through the records.
    The offer of employment was made to you as a result of our ongoing
    recruitment exercise, which is being conducted through our employment consultant working in partnership with our human resource department.
    The letter you received was send to you by our human resource
    department and it has received the approval and endorsement of our
    board of directors.
    You selection was based on the recommendation of our employment consultant, after thorough review of your credential.... Read more

  • leez 03/04/2020 at 05:09 AM

    i just get the same email, but the employer not asking any payment to employee.. but i not sure scam or not.. anyone already call to the HR? i check the website this company still available to search only no update from them.

  • nazanin 03/09/2020 at 12:40 AM

    i recieved this email too
    it is so sad

  • Claire 03/12/2020 at 12:17 AM

    100% a scam. My friend from the Philippines received the same offer letter. I live in the states and he asked me to see if it was legitimate. While it looks rather convincing, a search of the Simon Moss address revealed the truth. A law firm named Bracewell occupies that unit. A quick search on for attorneys at "Bracewell" confirmed that several of their certified attorneys work at that office. A search for "Simon Moss" yielded no results. Please don't fall for this scam.

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