Scam using Paypal : 3048401017 jieyi05support (jieyi)


Pseudonym jieyi05support (jieyi)
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Scam contentsThey sold me galaxy rose flowers, but they never arrived.
Your comments / analysisI tried to get my girlfriend's mom them for the last request before see died but too late now.
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  • grant 05/26/2020 at 05:59 PM

    I used Shopify to purchase a Fitbit lite from a Chinese retailer called Yaya AKA Yaya Toys. The shop has since been taken down. It was a frustrating nightmare. They used delay tactics and it took about 90 days to receive the item. The email convos just went in circles with them seeming to completely ignore what I was saying and just reply with a generic robotic statement. Perhaps it actually was AI replying. Oddly though, they eventually sent a reverse-engineered Chinese designed copy of a FitBit called a C12. I have initiated a buyer protection fraud claim with Paypal, but honestly, it is a very slow process and I am weary of a positive outcome even with PayPal. Here are two email addresses they used: via Read more

  • Filomena 06/04/2020 at 02:36 PM

    também tive problema, comprei uma máquina de costura daquelas portáteis pequenas e enviaram penso eu uma patinha de máquina estes fulanos deviam ser castigados. Recebi um email deles com o pedido , a seguir tentei entrar no site mas tinha desaparecido, responderam que tinha havido um problema e enviaram outra maneira de ver a encomenda. Neste momento diz lá que foi entregue

  • Filomena 06/04/2020 at 02:39 PM

    já agora aqui o email que me enviaram

    jieyi05support (jieyi)
    May 16, 2020, 4:54:05 AM EDT
    Dear customer,

    Thanks for purchasing on our store.

    Sorry to tell you that our store is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues. Please don't worry, this will not affect your product shipment. If you have any questions, please contact me at any time to solve it. I'm really sorry, thank you for your understanding!

    The package has been shipped out. The tracking number is WNBAA0098760381YQ. Please track the shipping information through the following URL:
    Please kindly wait 3-5 days for the shipping information updated on the tracking URL. It usually takes 7-15 business days to arrive after shipping out. Please keep your phone open, in case, the carrier cannot contact you.... Read more

  • NANCY 07/14/2020 at 01:26 AM

    I ordered two golf games and never received them. The tracking number is GCXUF2992192470YQ

  • June 08/06/2020 at 08:33 PM

    I bought and paid for Kneeler stool. Still waiting either for goods to arrive or payment paid back into my PayPal account. J.Pearson

  • Becca 09/04/2020 at 04:09 PM

    I bought a High-end smart bluetooth bracelet and received a 50¢ cheap LED digital watch. I gave them 24 hrs to issue a full refund. They have started with the “send clear pictures” routine. I’m filing with PayPal. They know what they did.

  • Knubbus 09/20/2020 at 03:18 PM

    I ordered 4 "A better way to measure" and paid Approx $84. Received 4 pc $1 rulers.

    This is their answer:

    "Thank you for your contact.

    I checked your product carefully. The product we sent you is the product sold in our advertisement. This product does not contain other products. Please read our advertisement carefully. I will submit this issue to our advertising department for correction, I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

    Best regards,
    Customer Service Center"

    I contacted PayPal but seller want me to return the items which will cost me $40. In addition, the seller want me to retur the package to another address than it was shipped from in the first place. Have tried this earlier in another case, but the package was returned to me with "Unknown address". Case lost - no help from PayPal.... Read more



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