Classified Scam : Gsm Skimmer device


PseudonymGsm Skimmer device
Url / Website
Scam contentsGsm Devices Scam
Your comments / analysisThese Russian guys are fraud.ill explain key points

First of all keep clear your mind that Gsm skimmer dont exist.Its only to scam people.

1.when you contact them via email they reply you.But they wont chase you and push you to buy their product.

2.They simply tell you all negative revews in market are from competitor. (As they selling Coca

3.Their guys are all around you will find them in carding group,telegram group and many other forum.Where they will start texting you and tell you they gonna try these guys ( .Then they will show you they paid them and waiting for parcel.After two days they will text you "hurraaaaah" we got it and this shit work.Now you are trapped and think its legit.

4.These two guys "Brother Kimo" & 'Jwettmasta" you will find these two guys comments on their website claiming that they receive gsm skimmer and you also must buy it.

These both are their partner are professional scammer,they ask you if you dont trust them then come and meet in person and buy it.

you think it possible..FBI is that fool,who let them to sell gsm devices in person from one year?

Dont waste your time and money after these shit.Do Some other Smart work and make money.Stop dreaming to cheat people infact you are being
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
Warn your friends!

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