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PseudonymPayed advertising
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Scam company offers you to earn money on viewing ad units and attracting referrals.

Watch commercial advertising, and we will credit up to 10 cents to your account for an ad unit display.
Attract referrals and get 50% from their earnings transferred to your account.
It seems to be the most profitable offer on the market of paid advertising at the time!

Your earnings are practically unlimited and depend on the time you spend in front of your PC.
Working on the average 3-5 hours a day, you can get paid from 50$ to 300$ or even more to your account.

All earned funds are saved in the personal account of the employee and are paid to your bank
card or electronic account upon the request in your account within 1 hour.

To get answers on frequently asked questions, follow the link
Also, you can ask your questions and read the Feedback of our users.
Your comments / analysisThey lie to you about needing to 150 dollars to get poaid out and once you earn it they tell you can ve paid out only to find out after giving your banking information that you apparently need 40 referrals to actually be paid. They can easily tell you that before you give personal details. You can also apparently buy referrals from other users in order to receive your money.
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  • Fraud Watcher/Advisor 04/24/2020 at 04:58 AM

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  • Ben 05/30/2020 at 01:58 AM

    il y a aussi le site qui fait la même chose

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