Donation Scam : Martin Rogue John Ping David Price


PseudonymMartin Rogue John Ping David Price
Url / WebsiteSharingItNow.comAND
Scam contentsAsking for money and credit card numbers.
Asking for gifts on an Amazon Wish List
Faking illnesses to scam people to give him money.
Your comments / analysisThis guy is a fraud and uses fake illnesses to get people to donate money to him. So far I've got 4 different GoFundMe's, a JotForm and a Fundrazr account of his shutdown for this very reason. Now he's opened this new account on WordPress. He uses his Twitter account to make up these stories about his health...he went from being a stage four cancer patient to now claiming to have coronavirus to play on people sympathies to get them to donate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him besides being a conman. This guy belongs in jail for these scams!
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  • wordpress scam
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  • Allison 06/12/2020 at 05:40 AM

    I agree 100% this man in a conman, fraud, scam artist like many online. Claiming he had zero income only Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps). Claims he filed for Social security disability but it has not been approved for years. Claims he has Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart problems, COVID19, etc.. as everyone knows healthy people with COVID19 have died alone by over 115,000 in US by June 11, 2020. Anyone with underlying medical conditions and many men don’t recover. Can’t get social security disability cause his illnesses are not true and verified. Anyone who tries to help him in ways besides giving him money he ignores. I commented begging on Twitter must pay well and he blocked me. No one should be paying this mans bills living ... Read more

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