Scam using Paypal : +12097013567 Pavle Kolarov


PseudonymPavle Kolarov
Telephone+1 209-701-3567 (ou 0012097013567) (more info)
Scam contentsSelling on
Payment via Paypal
Shipment via NNR shipping Company
Bitcoins ATM to pay for shipment
Email confirmation via
Your comments / analysisWe were selling a music instrument for about CHF 2000.-. Pavle Kolarov quickly agreed with the price and was very interrested. He told us to use paypal for the payment. We then recieved an email confirmation from that the payment arrived but it wasn't on our Paypal account. We were asked to buy bitcoins to pay for the shipment Euros 495.-
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telephone number analysis +1 209-701-3567

Phone number typeFix/Cell phone number
International format
  • +1 209-701-3567


  • moonspellxxx 06/18/2020 at 07:02 PM

    I have the same situations but he wanted buy amplifier. He has new name Hans Robert Schuster and email:
    He sand me photo of his ID, looks ok, number was the same +1 209-701-3567, I talked with him via WhatsUP.

  • FRANZ 08/08/2020 at 04:45 AM

    Someone, who called himself "Feike Dik" from the Netherlands - Email: told me, he already paid the price including shipping cost and asked to transfer the shipping cost via PAYPAL.
    Then I received an Email from Paypal Services , telling me to use to transfert Euro330 to the Transport Agent "Cristof Sorela" in Sibiu Romania (
    He even sent an ID card (copy of passport). I wish, there was a way, to find these Gangsters and put them in jail ...

  • Cleudi 08/14/2020 at 09:47 AM

    Same here, someone named "Victoria Schuster", norwegian drilling engineer, email:, same phone number, wanted to buy a couch for her norwegian house. Received faked Paypal confirmation (no pending transfer showing up in my real account) and instructions to pay the shipping costs via - interestingly it showed a sender (mine) address of a different country, so this is also obviously faked.

  • Karl&Nell 10/07/2020 at 11:22 AM

    Mr. Schuster tried the same scheme with us. We are selling our caravan and got a text from a 8850 number. We had to email him on the same adres: We also got WhatsApp messages from a Portuguese telephone number +351 967 300 874.
    He would pay us with PayPal and deliver an invoice through the transport agent. Though we could not 100% prove this was a scam, we got suspicious, started googling and found this site and different other hits with his name.

  • Bart 10/07/2020 at 05:18 PM

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    Click here to view it anyway...

  • Mava 01/24/2021 at 09:49 PM

    The same thing happend with me. But he used two diffrent names. First he contacted me with the number 0191011 and told me to reach out via e-mail. What i did. His Name was Paul Buhler. Then the number +351 967 300 874 contacted me via whatsapp and asked the exact same questions but with a diffrent name so i got souspicious. The name in whats app was Hans Robert Schuster. Then i googled the number and got here. He also offered me to pay by paypal and use a private shipping company.



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