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Investment scam : info@iris-bk.com 0756918544 Iris Bank


Fraudulent emailinfo@iris-bk.com
PseudonymIris Bank
Url / Websitehttps://iriskredit.com/
Telephone07 56 91 85 44 (more info)
Scam contentsPretends to be a bank, asked for commissions for a loan, always sending fake papers
At last they asked for a bank account on my name for their use for illegal transactions, only this way they would offerd the loan after they took more than 4000€
Your comments / analysisSays that his name is Charles Solbes from france
There are two sites associated with this scam the first being https://iriskredit.com and the second https://iris-bk.com
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telephone number analysis 07 56 91 85 44

Phone number typeCell phone number
International format
  • +33 7 56 91 85 44
Telephone companyON/OFF
TerritoryNuméro virtuel


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