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PseudonymClubshop Affiliates and Partners
Url / Websiteclubshop.com
Scam contentsAt Clubshop, since 1997, people activate their online Shopping Mall, to become our partner.

Open to the world, and designed to build your passive income24/7 automatically. Your Clubshop Mall with its "Global Partner System" or GPS, can change your life starting today.

You are going to become a prosperous online entrepreneur, free to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve, with no more worries about your financial future. You are the director of your life, everything depends exclusively on you, and this is the story of how you’re going to become such a prosperous person." - Fabrizio Perotti, Proprofit Worldwide
Your comments / analysisIt's a highly confusing pyramid scheme called Clubshop Affliates and Partners where you pay $29.90 USD or more month for their GPS system or Global Partner System.
You pay to activate your GPS or Global Partner System which finds people to invest under you. The fee can be $9.95 or $29.90 in US funds. I paid $43,00 CAD. Then you pay again each month to stay in business, same amount or more
The Director is Fabrizio Perotti of Proprofit Worldwide Ltd.
Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. is the receiver of the fees paid to activate your GPS.
They use shame and guilt language calling their Scam a noble mission, and it's really a cult like atmosphere. You don't know when you'll be paid. Out of the blue on May 4th, I got zero and my partner $15 USD after investing $29.90 each. They call it a business opportunity and say they are a community helping each other and to stay patient. The longer you stay, the more you loose as you pay to renew you subscription every month and are encouraged to upgrade which costs more to improve your 'business'. The ones at the top of all the uplines are raking in your money. It's an illegal pyramid scam but very sophisticated in its approach to con you. Affliates and Partners
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  • Annon 10/27/2020 at 01:59 AM

    I was on their telegram service asking questions. Like Why hasn't this worked. They told me to do something I had already done as they had told me before. I questioned the comments on their Facebook page. I questioned that it sounds more of a pyramid system that they say it isn't. I questioned the payment system. Then I questioned the legitimacy of the whole business and asked for recent proof that its paying and not stealing. I was told to read the testimonials. My next message was that the testimonials are NOT new, and that I need proof that I'm not wasting time and money. 1 of the monitors told me not to waste their time; I had 10days left before renewal so I put back to them that I need proof. Bear in mind every one can read the... Read more



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