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Other Scam : +18442249972 look budget


Pseudonymlook budget
Telephone+1 844-224-9972 (ou 0018442249972) (more info)
Scam contentsi have no clue i didnt order this there is no website or what ever just i got their number through my card and when you call they only have a recording to go to www.lookbudget.com which is just complaints from people no help in anyway
Your comments / analysisi am getting over drawn everyday some time twice a day by www.lookbudget .com
it is giving me overdraft fees!! i had to cancel my card n now my card is charging me for a new one!!! they are taking these charges from MY CHILD SUPPORT CARD!!!
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telephone number analysis +1 844-224-9972

Phone number typeFree phone number
International format
  • +1 844-224-9972



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