Scam using Paypal : +15172340728 Desmond bright, service paypal


PseudonymDesmond bright, service paypal
Telephone+1 517-234-0728 (ou 0015172340728) (more info)
Scam contentsMy father sent then a Gucci watch for the sum of $1500 and they had sent us an email.stating we need a tracking number in order to geg our oayment from paypal so we figured it was a security thing so.we did and then sent it as i was on the email and it said he had already sent the money wich was a very nicely done immitation of paypal stating i needed to buy a steam card in order to receive my funds and thatbhe sneeds to pay more money so he didnt hesitate and gave another $500 supposivly according to his paypal friend who emailed me a nicely done fake email.from paypal stating the payment has been made turns out this guy doesnt have anything he wanted my poor dads watch and now is getting it i have the tracking number though so i can give it to you cuznit may still be in customs or in the mail but he will be receiving it to some guy named royal distin thats who he said to send it to the tracking num. is : CX657400165CA the adress he told me to send it is suite# 98972203, 2229 NW 79th ave. Miami, Florida 33122 USA
Your comments / analysisPlease try to find this person and give my poor fathers watch back he had nothing left and needed food with this money he gave the scammer his nice Gucci watch for $1500 US and thought paypal was going to give it to me to.put into his account and paypal had no activity from that person whatsoever he wouldve liked the watch back or even his money and this person should be put away who knows how many little old ladies hes done this to as well thankyou so much for your service.
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  • +1 517-234-0728


  • Brittney Goodnough 07/15/2020 at 07:50 PM

    He is still texting me trying to ask for my login info and thjngs and trying to.tell me.hes a good Christian person.

  • emily 08/04/2020 at 06:27 AM

    this same guy messaged me asking to buy an iphone from me, same address and phone number.

  • Marie 08/13/2020 at 07:57 PM

    Same phone number, same address. He texted me to buy a camera. I'm in Quebec, far from him. His way of texting, of asking for postal mail in Florida, willing to pay very much money because shipping fee... is very suspicious. It is definitively a scam.

    Même numéro de téléphone, même adresse. Il m'a texté pour acheté un appareil photo. Je suis au Québec, donc assez loin de lui. Sa façon de texter, de demander l'envoi postal en Floride, d'être prêt à payer super cher vu l'envoi, etc. est très suspecte. Il s'agit assurément d'une arnaque.

  • Anne 08/14/2020 at 05:57 AM

    Même numéro même gars ! N’importe quoi



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