Social Media Scam : Zubaci


Scam contentsCan't find website or URL or telephone.
Your comments / analysisBought a Yoda child, on April 17 , off Facebook, from company named Zubaci, they took out money by the name of scammed, sent fake tracking numbers, finally 3 months later they send me fake plastic hand puppet, will not refund money, keep telling me it will cost me over $20 dollars to send back, first they tell me it was thier mistake they didn't update website, that i should just keep and give away. I said no you send me a PREPAID return label and refund my money, you are a scam company, i have reported you to Facebook, and PayPal, I have set up a case through PayPal, i hope they can help. We will see. Now they send me an email saying they will refund 30% of my $49.95 , I reply no not acceptable you will send PREPAID return label and refund my money, still waiting on response to this email after at least 15 emails back and forth. Thier advisement on Facebook was Through company named Zubaci, but, emails and money withdrew from PayPal is
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