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Social Media Scam : info@zilongjun.net 4029337733 TIMTHY TIMTHY


Fraudulent emailinfo@zilongjun.net
Url / Websitemitshell.com
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Scam contents2 blue/purple lasers ONLY and nothing else sent
Your comments / analysisordered 2 blue/purple cutting lasers and according to ORIGINAL listing was supposed to contain a battery, a spare battery a charger for battery and a case to carry with. took 66 days to receive order and it came in a crappy envelope with lasers only... Contacted "them" and was told to me,

"After inquire your order, we did not send the wrong goods to you, you bought waht you receive ,and this product does not contain batteries
Please purchase 18650 lithium battery in local store." BULLSHIT... SCAMMERS and I would have never ordered the lasers only.... STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS.... I will contact PayPal and see what they want me to do.... Jeff
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