Scam using Paypal : Salvador Remilyn De Guzman


PseudonymSalvador Remilyn De Guzman
Scam contentsA Facebook ad offering a "17'' REAL LIFELIKE JOURNEY REBORN BABY" with hair, posable arms and fingers. The link takes you the website where you can place an order and pay using PayPal. The receipt showed payment going to a Salvador Remilyn De Guzman at the email address of

The items received was a 7" horribly manufactured rubber doll.
Your comments / analysisI immediately contact the companies website to request a refund. In my request, I forward the original email confirmation containing my order number, date and price of purchase along with photos of the doll and the PayPal transaction receipt. I received a response saying they needed my ordered number as they couldn't find my purchase. It was sent with my original request, but I once again sent the order number. I received a second email asking if I "was sure I order from their company" and asking that I send a copy of the email confirmation. I sent it ONCE again, although I knew from the time I opened my package it was a scam. I just needed proof that I tried to resolve the issue before filing a claim with PayPal.

I have not gotten a response from the company.
  • 7" doll; not 17" as advertised
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  • Cathy 07/21/2020 at 01:38 AM

    This happen to me same thing wasted my money on Garbage I’m so mad an this is through pay pal they should be responsible

  • Cathy 07/21/2020 at 01:53 AM

    Wanna report a scam this is the name an email the scammer provided Salvador Remlyn Guzman email

  • Lucas 07/21/2020 at 02:51 AM

    The same happened to me, I'm too angry I was waiting for a doll, like the one. commercial and I get a doll that can be worth a dollar in the dollar store

  • dessie 07/21/2020 at 03:45 AM

    Same here PayPal should get our refund

  • Peter 07/21/2020 at 09:00 AM

    Similar experience trying to purchase a periodic table from Facebook - invalid tracking ID provided and nothing arrived

  • Sarah-Jane 07/22/2020 at 07:26 PM

    I've have just ordered 2 of these dolls. I'm now panicking. What do I do????

  • Phyllis 07/23/2020 at 06:07 PM

    I ordered. 2 dolls yes I think pay oal should do something

  • Terry 07/23/2020 at 08:16 PM

    i have ordered a doll also now i am contacting paypal now i am not waiting

  • Nancy 07/24/2020 at 06:00 PM

    I ordered some sandals which were suppose to help with planter fasciitis. They took 6 weeks to come, and there is no return shipping information. They were so cheap, and did not fit, dollar store sandals would be more comfortable. Same billing information, Salvador Remikyn DeGuzman. Product was sent from China. Billing says it went thru pay pal as well, which is strange because I don't have a Pay Pal account. I paid by credit card. I think they receipt just says it's Pay Pal so people think they are covered if they want to dispute it. I Have submitted an inquiry through Pay Pal and I am waiting to hear back from them.

  • Tara 07/24/2020 at 10:45 PM

    I ordered a 17" real lifelike baby doll with hair and realistic hands. What I got was a 7" plastic doll!

  • Irma 07/25/2020 at 11:18 PM

    I was getting this for my granddaughter for her birthday and I got this

  • F010831 07/27/2020 at 12:43 AM

    I so ordered a real life 17” doll from Salvador Remilyn De Guzman and received something that would only cost a few dollars from the dollar shop.

    ive dent yhem an email but I don’t expect to hear from them.

    I’m going to contact PayPal.

  • Cookie 07/30/2020 at 11:59 PM

    I am having the same problem. This a scam I ordered real life like Afician American Reborn Doll, but what I received is a hard plastic ball headed 9"
    inch doll with no clothes that looks like Dollar Tree merchandise. I am very unhappy about it. What I got is nothing like I ordered. I was also done thru pay pal.

  • Kelly 07/31/2020 at 07:35 PM

    I hope we all get our money back! This doll looks like a toddler made it in a factory and then an angry person punched it in the vagina multiple times before scribbling with a marker all over it!! And don’t get me started about the hair that looks like my dog took a dump on it! This is a bad business man! Where’s my life like doll Remi?!!!

  • Brenda Robinson 08/04/2020 at 11:27 PM

    Same thing happened to me, I ordered 2 dolls & they were just as the others have described them(crap).This is a scam and PayPal should be responsible but you can't even get in touch with them now. They just give you the run around after they take the money out of account the exact moment you place the order.

  • Dar 08/05/2020 at 08:09 AM

    Same situation as described above. I contacted my bank, they said to file the claim with PayPal first. Contacted PayPal and they said to contact the company first before I can file a claim with them. It's such a run around but I'm going to keep trying.

    The doll advertised was an ad on Facebook and when I clicked on it I was directed to the website ~ where I ordered it from (but I never got an email confirmation with the order number.) Maybe I should report it to Facebook too.

  • Connie Fish 08/05/2020 at 05:53 PM

    I ordered this doll for my great granddaughter and got a rip off doll. She was so dissappointed. I tried to contact the company but they don’t come up! Gone! I contactacted Pay Pal who said contact the company first so now I’m calling PayPal back.

  • iram143 08/05/2020 at 11:00 PM

    Same issue as you all of you. I have contacted Paypal and they are currently looking into the situation. This means Paypal is aware of the scam and they still continue to allow him to use them for payment. The name of the individual that the payment was made to is: Salvador Remilyn De Guzman.

  • Sandra 08/07/2020 at 02:16 AM

    YES!!!!!!! It is a SCAM, as all the above people I to am a victim, the doll I ordered was a gift for my Granddaughters Birthday, PayPal should refund the money they must know by now this individual is scam artist I want my money PayPal, the ugly miniature that was sent was an insult.

  • Yvette 08/07/2020 at 07:51 PM

    I also received the same dolls as everyone else described above. I sent an email to This is the email Cathy has provided above. I requested a refund due to false advertising and mail fraud. I will than dispute this charge with my credit card. In order to dispute you have to reach out to the seller first. I couldn’t find any information listed under PayPal so I’m grateful that Cathy found an email address. The envelop came addressed with a PO Box number 5108 out of Chino, CA. I have contacted a friend attorney who suggested writing a letter to the Attorney General. I would suggest everyone on here do the same to stop this company from continuing.

  • Madeline crispo 08/11/2020 at 07:35 PM

    Ordered two got little rubber dolls ugly,bad molds also..

  • Tracey 08/12/2020 at 02:35 PM

    I returned the doll that was monstress via recorded delivery. I photographed the doll which is an insult to call it a doll plus the shoddy packaging and asked for a full refund. Up to now nothing.
    How do we get our money back and put this business out of business?

  • iram143 08/12/2020 at 05:23 PM

    I am in the process of contacting the Attorney General. As Yvette states, please take a few minutes and do the same. This person is a horrible individual with no scruples and dishonest. PayPal should also be addressed in this matter. They have continued to service these sales.

  • Denise 08/13/2020 at 03:50 PM

    The same thing happened to me. I ordered 6 dolls that were supposed to be 17" with hair and arms that you could pose. Instead I received six 7" dolls that were just pure trash and frightening to look at. I went back and forth in email with someone at trying to get an address to return the so called dolls with no success. The offered me a meager $5 to keep the dolls. After several emails they finally got up to $50, but I still rejected their offer because I had paid them $177. I told them NO I wanted a full refund. Haven't heard from them since. PayPal was no help!

  • Sylvia 08/20/2020 at 09:11 PM

    I ordered a solar powered fountain pump at the end of May!!!

    have not received it...Having trouble tracking down the company but this name surfaced. Don't know what to do except report to Pay Pal.

  • Amanda 09/08/2020 at 02:11 AM

    I too ordered a reborn doll which was supposed to be 43 cm, and mine was 17cm . NOTHING like what was advertised. I could buy something better from a $2 shop. I emailed, and was offered $3 for compensation. ABSOLUTE SCAM. I am so sick of companies like this getting away with this. Iram143, can you advise the details of the attorney general so we can all do the same?

  • Julie 09/13/2020 at 02:30 AM

    I received my baby doll and orangutan last week September 6th. A complete waste of $116 Australian dollars. As all the other comments, the doll was not worth more than $2 and the orangutan was a complete joke, not worth anything. I will report it to Paypal as well, but I will not buy anything on the net again.



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