Classified Scam : 0812880290 Evans Magalefa


PseudonymEvans Magalefa
Url /
Telephone0 812 88 02 90 (more info)
Scam contentsBought some stuff from me advertised on gumtree. Said he will do an eft then fetch the items. Did eft, picked up his stuff. Reversed the eft within an hour after picking up. Confronted him and asked him wheres the money and showed him screenshots of other people saying they've been scammed by him too. Claiming to be an innocent soul. Said he is sending a driver to drop my things off. Driver phoning me and asking me to pay for his trip to come drop my things that Evans gave him in a mall. They all working together. Can't be trusted. R7000 worth of items stolen from me. Be careful for this prick.
Your comments / analysisJust want my stuff back.
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telephone number analysis 0 812 88 02 90

Phone number typePremium-rate phone number
Other formats
  • 0812880290
  • 0 812 88 02 90
  • 0.812.88.02.90
  • 0-812-88-02-90
International format
  • +33 812 88 02 90


  • Lolita 08/08/2020 at 11:25 PM

    He just scammed me a laptop. I wish I had searched this name beforehand. The number he used was 081 288 0290 and his accomplices number was 072 180 5666

  • Lolita 08/10/2020 at 09:01 AM

    Some names they may also use include Irvin Mahlangu and Paulos Mahlangu

  • insomniac 08/11/2020 at 10:35 AM

    He's an interesting scammer as he doesn't have a "name" on his email. Wouldn't use paypal and tried to get me to send a wire transfer for high end speakers. This is the info he provided.

    Holder: James Liam Samba

    Bank Name: BBVA

    IBAN: ES07 0182 1294 1102 0360 3099

    BIC/ Swift Code: BBVAESMMXXX

    My Address: CHIMIA 97 1 C ARRECIFE LANZAROTE ISLAND, 35500 Canary Islands, Spain

    My phone number: +34828128767

  • Cia 08/13/2020 at 01:56 PM

    Thank you so much for this! I was about to sell two laptops for R11 000. He promised to pay me R1000 more for the goods as I had a counter offer from someone else. He wanted it for his kids at Wits and they need to “study online” and it would help them so much. Got very defensive when I started asking about payment and insisted on Instant Wallet through his Nedbank account. Confirmed with bank, there is a limit on this transfer - would have never been able to transfer the full amount.
    Thank you for the warning - 3rd one I’ve seen on this man! So horrible.
    Terribly sorry about your loss!

    New number he is using: 067 798 7653 it is a business account on WhatsApp named GMV Distributions (Pty) Ltd

  • Jayesh 09/04/2020 at 04:34 PM

    Thanks for this, I just posted the TV on Gumtree and 5 minutes later Evans called and said he wants the TV and will do the payment immediately and send his courier to collect. Thanks for saving me the hassle



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