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Scam contentsThey don't have the actual products listed and will send you something else entirely.

Even though the website is listed as, the order confirmation comes from

They are very polite in their email responses, yet they refuse to answer my question, "do you actually sell the item I ordered?"
Your comments / analysisI saw an ad on Facebook for a Typewriter Style Keyboard, which I ordered for $60 + shipping. They sent me a regular keyboard. I emailed immediately to tell them they sent the wrong product. I was told they would give me 10% back if I'll just keep it. That offer went up to 20%, which would leave me with a dinky $10 item that I would have paid $48 for.

They say I have to ship it back to China myself. After I said I would pay to ship it back, they responded and said that I would also have to be financially responsible for the listing fee, since they are out that money after me returning it. (For listing what? The item I ordered and never got, or the one I got that wasn't even on the website??)

Today they said that they checked on my order, and they DID sent me exactly what I'd ordered, and maybe I should look at it again. I still have my order confirmation that shows exactly what I ordered, even though they've now removed that item from their website completely.

Had to file a claim with PayPal.
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  • Matthew 08/17/2020 at 03:10 AM

    I had EXACTLY the same thing happen to me.

    And I just received the same keyboard. (I collect old typewriters, so the original ad was VERY appearling.

  • Glen 08/17/2020 at 05:04 PM

    There is no doubt that this is a scam. It happened to me as well with the same keyboard. Their ad on Facebook and their web site was very well done and very appealing. $65 later, I get a crappy Bluetooth mini-keyboard that is nothing like what they advertised. Then they have the gall to make it sound like it was my error and are giving me the total runaround on trying to get a refund etc. We're at the "We'll give you a 20% discount or you can send it back to us" point. It looks like them or someone similar is pulling the same scam at Fortunately I have the original order with the actual photo and the full text of the back and forth delay tactics they use to stay in business ripping people off. I'm filing a fraud claim with... Read more

  • Keith Iding 08/17/2020 at 09:43 PM

    I fell for the same extreme promo video of a glitzy mech full size keyboard and received a dinky unbranded non mech cheapo one. I have their receipt dba BLOVED but email from which shows the high end version image on it and it shows the words "Typewriter Style Mechanical Wired & Wir...."

    I had the same customer service runaround from "CS Albert" and I insisted on a return address. I went thru PayPal too but it's a major headache to get them involved to pay their max $30 shipping return when a listed tracking return costs $60. The return address I got is: Changben Technology Park, 120 meters west of 101 Gao Ying Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Post code:523771, Receipt:Huang Fei, and a phone number too. If anyone has any ideas for returning or joining talents to stop their scam, pls let me know.... Read more

  • KC 08/19/2020 at 03:34 AM

    This happened to me as well. I paid via PayPal so have escalated my claim.

  • Travis 08/20/2020 at 05:14 AM

    Totally a scam! Same thing happened to me

  • Polite Paul 08/20/2020 at 06:12 PM

    I ordered 2 direct drive Audio Technica Turntables as per the advert rec'd 2 wholly inadequate mini USB turntables worth about £25 each got the same runaround

  • Rebelwolf96 08/20/2020 at 11:13 PM

    Did the same to me. I am contacting my bank and getting the charges reversed, and canceling the credit card I used. Going to make sure I did not lose any other money to any scammers since then.

  • Vic 08/21/2020 at 09:09 PM

    Just seeing these comments. I should have done my homework before ordering from this company. I received the package and got scammed as well. Has anyone here that paid through PayPal had any luck with getting your money back?

  • KC 08/21/2020 at 10:52 PM

    I've reported them to PayPal and used the link to this site to refer to others who've been duped. How do you report them to Facebook since it was a FB ad that I clicked on? FB reporting for ads is only available when the ad is showing...haven't seen another ad for them since.

    Also reporting the domain:

  • Kiwigirl 08/22/2020 at 12:01 PM

    I should have done my homework on this company placed an order and then saw all the bad reviews and comments contacted my bank straight away and the are investigating. I contacted the company straight away for a refund as there so called T&C state refund prior to shipping. Each email they avoid my comments and ask me to wait. Once funds were clear didn’t hear from them. Avoid this company and sites. Motorise surf board $240 lost ???? stupid me. They tried to offer me 10% refund and yes like others fake tracking numbers.

  • SALVADOR 08/26/2020 at 04:57 PM

    I ordered the typewritter keyboard too,and what i get was a shitty keyboard,very different to what i purchased. they offer me sending it back,but i have to pay more than 20 usd,wich adding to the 60 of the cost for the scam it would be an amount of 80 in order to get nothing...

  • VIncent 08/28/2020 at 07:26 PM

    The same happened to me!!!

  • Michael 08/29/2020 at 01:27 AM

    Same exact thing happened to me, except I ordered a T-Rex statue and received a childrens toy. I paid $80 and received a

  • Michael 08/29/2020 at 01:28 AM

    Same exact thing happened to me, except I ordered a T-Rex statue and received a childrens toy. I paid $80 and received a less than $10 item. Been getting the same runaround from them, too, via email. I just filed a claim with PayPal and escalated it to them. Anyone know anywhere else we can report this fraudulent company that is scamming people via FB ads?

  • Yves 08/29/2020 at 08:51 PM

    Ordered the typewriter style keyboard and received a no name mini keyboard, reported the scam to the RCMP fraud department. I guess I can forget about the almost $70.00 USD I paid for as it was a debit card transaction.
    Return address for me is H-103754, Postbus 7040,3109 AA Schiedam The Netherland

  • John 09/02/2020 at 06:58 PM

    I also fell for the typewriter style keyboard and received the crappy mini keyboard.

  • Lori 09/03/2020 at 11:09 AM

    Same boat here for the typewriter keyboard. Going through the motions of back-and-forth emails with their useless reps now. I'm at the 20% refund stage. Going to take it to Paypal next. Normally Instagram and FB are better at screening their ad companies, or so I thought? This is the first time I've bought something from one of their ads that turned out to be a scam.

  • andrew moriello 09/04/2020 at 03:33 PM

    paid through PayPal and was denied ,I'm out 48.18 for a walbout scanner, company keeps on sending emails that it was delivered but never got anything

  • sb 09/08/2020 at 05:03 PM

    Same thing, except my order was a hand saw...I received a saw chain.
    Tied of fighting with the idiots, I know that I will never get this solved.
    Just will not order anything else from a Facebook ad!

  • burned 09/15/2020 at 04:59 PM

    Same thing on the keyboard.

  • Dubs 09/17/2020 at 05:04 PM

    Same thing with Jabbering Pumpkins. They eventually gave me some fake address from China and a phone number that doesn't work. Going through the PayPal method now.

  • Nicki 09/18/2020 at 07:15 PM

    Jabbering Pumpkins.....they sent these plastic Dollar store 3inx2in plastic pumkins all the same cheap crap for $100.00 ! Why can't these sites get fined and arrested or dropped or something. This ruins it for everyone!! I really wanted those pumkins and now I don't trust anyone!!

  • Dubs 09/19/2020 at 05:34 PM

    Have anyone tried to send them back to the address they sent to see what happens?

  • Kat 09/24/2020 at 06:48 PM

    My husband tried to surprise me with this keyboard but instead we were swindled. We received a completely different product that sells for $6 on Weeks we spent trying to explain what happened and they tried very hard to not give us our refund. Willing to send it back but it costs $115 to ship it back to China. I would loose $55 trying to a full refund. I don't think they would refund my shipping. I am putting bad reviews where I see the same product. You should too. Here is the recent one.

  • Iceee 09/25/2020 at 03:50 PM

    I just ordered shirts from the ads listing on FB, but the thing is i found out the it was a scam, i wanted to cancel my order, can anybody help me how to cancel my order on there site? Only a text message received, and method of payment is Cash On Delivery. The thing bothers me is my contact information and phone number. Thank you for your response.

  • Nasyo 10/02/2020 at 07:59 AM

    Putang ina neto scammer amputa. Papakulam kita hayop ka

  • Kelly-Anne 10/10/2020 at 12:40 AM

    Do not purchase from this company. We ordered the Minecraft set, fake tracking number and they also use exact product reviews from the actual LEGO product, which is on Amazon, on their own website. Total scam.

  • Mark W 10/25/2020 at 02:49 AM

    Anyone get anywhere with Paypal on this?
    I ordered a full arm dino puppet. payed $75 and got a 12 inch plastic dino toy worth about $5.



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