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Social Media Scam : ZJLogistics, 3979 E. Guasti Road, Unit A, Ontario,CA


PseudonymZJLogistics, 3979 E. Guasti Road, Unit A, Ontario,CA
Scam contentsOrdered a mini chainsaw. 2 months later, all I got was a chain.
Your comments / analysisI ordered a mini chainsaw. Two months later, all I received was the chain..I ordered this on Facebook. Facebook should keep scams like this off of Facebook. I will not order anything on Facebook again.
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  • Linda 09/22/2020 at 06:37 PM

    scamed on 2 rings, I demand a refund A/S/A.P/

    • epicbush 09/26/2020 at 12:18 AM

      Do you have the email for these folks? I need a refund and of course... this was a scame.

    • ursula porter 10/28/2020 at 07:32 PM

      Ordered sandals. Wrong size, wrong color. When I ordered the company name was Spelley. When it got here, all Chinese characters and ZJlogistics in Ontario. Called them, they said it was not them. Uggh!

      Customer_service_phone_number+1.8.O5. .6.O.8. .5.4.O.6.
      Customer_service_phone_number+1.8.O.5. .6.O.8. .5.4.O.6.
      Customer_service_phone_number+1,8,,O,5, ,6,O,8, ,5,4,O,6,
      Customer_service_phone_number+1,8,O,5, ,6,O,8, ,5,4,O,6

  • ChristineS 09/22/2020 at 11:46 PM

    Yes, we had the same thing happen. Such misleading and fraudulent advertising!

  • JK 09/23/2020 at 03:18 AM

    Ordered sandals. Wrong size, wrong color. When I ordered the company name was Spelley. When it got here, all Chinese characters and ZJlogistics in Ontario. Called them, they said it was not them. Uggh!

  • SzQ 09/23/2020 at 05:20 PM

    I ordered two hammocks advertised to come complete with stand. Received hammocks but no stands. Useless to me.

  • Cheryl 09/23/2020 at 09:15 PM

    Ordered clothing from what looked like a legit company here in the US. Items looked well made in the photo and I looked on the sight to see if these items would be coming from China and couldn't find anything. Once I received them a month and 1/2 later, I could immediately tell that the quality was bad. Opened 1 blouse and sure enough made in China.
    Now returning them for credit. Has anyone been able to return and get their money back?
    Shame on Facebook for allowing these sites to pull us in. Sometimes I think Facebook is the biggest scam artist out there.

  • Carolyn 09/24/2020 at 05:41 PM

    I was scamed! Totally false advertising , products where totally different than the advertised!!! Im calling my credit card for refund!

  • EDDIE 09/24/2020 at 11:14 PM

    I was scamed! Totally false advertising , products where totally different than the advertised!!! Im calling my credit card for refund!

  • dissatisfied customer 09/26/2020 at 02:59 AM

    I ordered the hand held chainsaw for 29.99 off of facebook. I recieved a chain, it is not what I ordered. How do I return this item for the one that I recieved and return this item? If not possible to return please send the hand held chainsaw that I ordered. If that is not possible please refund the money for the hand held chainsaw.

  • epicbush 09/26/2020 at 04:18 PM

    TimeZone is the company. Scam.

  • Jon Maddocks 09/26/2020 at 06:21 PM

    Definitely a scam

  • Tram Thuy Ho 09/27/2020 at 12:46 AM

    I ordered 2 portable BBQ stoves. 1 L 1 M size. I received the two grill tops, 1 3, 1 5.
    Thats all I received, just the 2 tops. Total $75.98. Scam
    pymt made 8 Aug 2020

  • Britt 09/28/2020 at 02:18 PM

    I got a package from this place without even ordering anything and it had 2 Trump hats, 3 Trump signs, a cheap gold and blue ring, and a sign with a cow that made no sense... idk where it came from but it was addressed to me and sent to my house

  • Debbie 09/28/2020 at 08:29 PM

    Ordered 3 sets of the things that slide down between the car seat and the console. It took about 3 months to get here. They're pretty decent, except that the cup holders are really small. Will hold a small paper coffee cup only. That doesn't fit our needs. No packing sheet in the package. Only marking on outside shipping label is this ZJ Logistics, at this address, but it doesn't seem to exist. $108 gone. Definite scam.

  • Dawna 09/29/2020 at 04:31 PM

    Ordered Halloween sweatshirts that took over a month to receive. Absolute garbage! Odd thing is we haven't been charged at all BUT I'm very concerned that they have all of my credit card information. The company was called OppsHappy on the website and today when i looked them up the site no longer exists!

  • nyarlathotep 09/29/2020 at 11:27 PM

    I ordered an oni mask from their ad on Facebook. $35 full face mask with detailed paint job. What I got was a $10 half mask that looked like a kid spray painted it. Shame on you facebook.

  • Samantha 09/30/2020 at 02:54 AM

    So I need help because I order to much shit I received a swimming cap I did not order?? I can't figure out what it would of been instead!! What does this company advertise so I can jog my memory anyone know??!!

  • ugly pinkdog 10/01/2020 at 12:13 AM

    I received a plush battery operated pink dog toy that I did not order. I'm trying to contact these folks to get a return mailing label (yeah, good luck with that). As I can't find anything else to go on but the return address I emailed what was listed on the enclosed card: reply@emailcxs.com. There was also an address for their discount store at www.cheapiee.com. These addresses were of no help so far. If the item was sent in error, okay, sloppy employees. But at least give people a chance to contact when there is a problem. I honestly don't think I even ordered from this company. Completely confused and irritated.

  • Randall 10/01/2020 at 04:28 PM

    I got something that I didn't order as well. I wish the product I ordered months ago. I believe that the state of California needs to look into them. Please shut them down! I am willing to be apart of a lawsuit this crap (Scamming) has got to stop.

  • Angry 10/01/2020 at 08:44 PM

    The items I received did not even resemble what I ordered. Quality resembles the cheapest dollar store products, certainly not the high quality items I paid for. This company is a scam and now I see the address on the return address label is listed as vacant and for lease. Shame on Facebook! Shame on California! Do not purchase anything on Facebook unless you can verify legitimacy as this company uses many different names and the items are not as shown.

  • Ana robles 10/02/2020 at 12:37 AM

    I need to send back the product

  • Kris 10/02/2020 at 01:34 AM

    I ordered 5 pairs of Keen shoes

    Didn't receive a thing. Tried to dispute this with my credit card company but no luck. Does anyone have a website or email address to get ahold or Reliable Kind Singapore?

  • KADA 10/02/2020 at 07:25 PM

    ZJLogistics is scam !!! There are not in 3979 E. Guasti Road, Unit A, Ontario,CA

    Please contact credit card company and get the money back !!! and report to the police !!!

    KADA is trucking company . and is not in 3979 E. Guasti Road, Unit A, Ontario,CA anymore!!

  • Sherry Howle 10/02/2020 at 10:32 PM

    I received two clothing items from you and I am dissapointed in them. I would like to send back as these items are not what I ordered. Please tell me how to send back and credit my account. Thank You. Sherry Howle

  • Sharon galbraith 10/03/2020 at 02:27 AM

    The firm I received was not what I ordered if these people keep sending things that don't fit aren't what we ordered we will go back to companies that are American . I received a look in jacket that I would never wear and can't send it back for a refund. Don't buy from this company

  • David 10/04/2020 at 08:38 PM

    I ordered camping chairs that looked really fancy in video, folded in to carrying container, had central anchoring point that let chair swing like a hammock. did not receive any correspondence or notifications about shipping. Told credit card company that I thought I was scammed and they refunded money to my account. Received 3 camp chairs after a month and a half that were folding stools about 6 inches off ground, Only a toddler could sit on them. At least I got my money back and have free chairs if I can find anyone with toddlers. Shipping label from ZJLogistics, 3979 E. Guasti Rd, unit A, Ontario, CA 91761

  • Amy 10/05/2020 at 09:07 PM

    I purchased a CoolAir personal space cooler. I followed the directions to fill up the water tank. Then let the filter soak up the water for 3 minutes . Then I went to plug it in & all of the water leaked onto the floor. I checked the directions again to make sure I followed them correctly & repeated the process. Water leaked again. I wrote the company listed on the mail pouch & waited. The letter came back Return to sender/Refused/Unable To Forward. I tried to call the # listed from Google search & it said # no longer in service. There wasn’t any paperwork included. I just want an even trade that works or my $ back now.

  • Susan 10/07/2020 at 09:17 PM

    I received 2 Tshirts and a jacket. All wrong size and colors. Cant find out where to return this stuff. This address doesnt work.

  • edoka81 10/08/2020 at 09:39 AM

    Hello! Help me!
    It should be written here that if I did not receive the goods but the money was well reached?
    I don't get an answer from them ...
    I want my money back.

  • Gloria 10/09/2020 at 09:56 PM

    I orders an around the earphones look nice when received it was plastic did even wrote sent the item have yet to receive a refund for $22 scam

  • W.Nelson 10/11/2020 at 08:11 PM

    I ordered a pair of sandals it took 6 weeks for them to arrive. Once I opened the cellophane package noted that they were nothing orthopedic like with a high arch of a flip flop sandal. There a piece of garbage that I wouldn't pay $2 for I was charged $25.97 this included $5.95? Handling and shipping With no information as to return. The return

    address label is when googled is nothing more then a transporting facility....

  • Gina 10/13/2020 at 08:59 PM

    I ordered some sandals n they are no where near the size I ordered. The quality is horrible! Same thing everyone else is saying. I can't find a way to contact them! Almost $40! I am pissed!!

  • Benjamin 10/15/2020 at 06:59 PM

    Ordered Penn State quilt with Joe Pa on front ,got quilt but Joe pa isn’t on it


  • John 10/19/2020 at 07:51 PM

    I ordered an outside video camera, all I got was a 'sim card'.

  • Ruth 10/21/2020 at 07:14 PM

    Today I received 3 ugly dresses-2 child’s and 1 woman’s. The order date was 01/10/2020. I never ordered these dresses and can’t find out how to return them.

  • Tere V (MTV) 10/25/2020 at 08:54 PM

    Angry 10/01/2020 at 08:44 PM

    The items I received did not even resemble what I ordered. Quality resembles the cheapest dollar store products, certainly not the high quality items I paid for. This company is a scam and now I see the address on the return address label is listed as vacant and for lease. Shame on Facebook! Shame on California! Do not purchase anything on Facebook unless you can verify legitimacy as this company uses many different names and the items are not as shown.

  • Neetu 10/28/2020 at 07:26 PM

    I ordered a beautiful silk dress and received a night gown type of kaftan in plastic looking fabric.

  • PC 11/02/2020 at 06:17 AM

    I just received the 5 battery operated candles. One came broken. How can I get it replaced and/or receive a refund.

    • jad65 11/04/2020 at 09:18 PM

      if you find let me know I have the same thing today.

  • shame on facebook 11/02/2020 at 07:06 PM

    Ordered 40 Christmas ornaments and 15 came as pictured (BUT VERY POOR QUALITY) and the others were just pictures of the ornament. Most of the 15 were broken because they were shipped in just a plastic bag. THIS IS A SCAM!

  • Kbetz 11/02/2020 at 07:07 PM

    Well guess I got the same scam!!! Product nothing what I thought I ordered!!! Stuffed dog n cardboard!!! Can't locate origins except made in CHINA! Nothing in package but cardboard and some fake fur oh and plastic bell around neck. Funny this is their adds have disappeared! Can't manage to get refund! Should have known!

  • Mert 11/02/2020 at 07:53 PM

    I received to small ugly dog toys. Nor what I ordered at all it’s a scam

  • jmaureen 11/02/2020 at 10:23 PM

    I ordered a Heavy duty stocking . They made it look like it comes with all the accessories but it didn't come with anything! I'm pissed! It's not even close to what they advertised! This company sucks!!!

  • Darlyne planck 11/02/2020 at 11:45 PM

    I received a package from you yesterday... it is not what I ordered... I ordered 3 handheld chainsaw and received 3 hand saws... my phone number is 7023763155... please call so we can clear up this issue.. Thank you... Darlyne Planck

  • Eileen 11/03/2020 at 04:55 PM

    I received 3 shirts I ordered and would like to return them.. my name is
    Eileen Chimerine
    PO Box 2250
    235 Buckskin Way
    Pocono Pines, Pa 18350

    How do I return

  • Pat 11/04/2020 at 05:07 AM

    I ordered 2 wigs. Nothing like what I ordered. Two days later,I received the same order, not what I had ordered. Of course they charged me again. What a scam!!

  • nums 11/04/2020 at 09:44 AM

    I ordered and paid for a projector 24 May 2020 and still did not received the order

  • Eleanor 11/04/2020 at 03:36 PM


    Ordered Christmas ornaments. They came. Look nothing like they did on Facebook.. on Facebook they appeared as glass ornaments. Very cute. What came was the ornament made from a rubbery material.. Fraudulent advertising. Want my money back.

    How do I return ?

  • yoya 11/04/2020 at 07:44 PM

    I ordered some lights that supposibley changed colors, these lights are for a doll house. It's a joke first off all they don't change colors like the advertisement said they are so tiny that it's ridiculous. I will be sending them back to get a refund. Not happy with the purchase at all!!!!!!!!!

  • Blanca Gomez 11/04/2020 at 10:14 PM

    Order a 10 feet inflatable snowman a received a inflatable snowman costume

  • Jennifer 11/04/2020 at 10:52 PM

    Ordered glass masked Santa ornaments. They are cheap, flat, rubbery plastic. SCAM

  • TonyTiger 11/05/2020 at 12:08 AM

    Ordered a outdoor video camera and received a sim card. Original packaging is from China but return address is Ontario, Ca...? From reading all this, scam it is!

  • WANDA GOFF 11/05/2020 at 03:31 AM

    i got the same thing...does anyone have any info on how to get in touch with these SCAMMERS!!!!

  • jimmy rushing 11/05/2020 at 09:36 AM

    orderd a outdoor indoor sercurity cam and received a freaking sim card im freaking pissed I live in ont gausti is rite down the freakin street this is some bull freakin shit

  • Mickey 11/05/2020 at 05:26 PM

    Otdered blind rivet tool no way this will work.not at all what it shows.on video

  • KAYE SCHLOSS 11/05/2020 at 08:43 PM


  • KAYE SCHLOSS 11/05/2020 at 08:45 PM


  • Charlie 11/06/2020 at 05:54 AM

    I received a small white tube of something and I didn't order this it in Chinese or Japanese writing on the tube. It looks like white out .???????

  • janet 11/06/2020 at 09:46 PM

    This Co. need to be investigated it's a scam Co. I purchase a purse falsely advertised under the Dooney & Bourke symbol. When I received the purse..No Dooney & Bourke purse. It came under a off the wall name, that I have never heard of.. This co is a hoax and a fraud...

  • LINDA JO 11/06/2020 at 11:34 PM


  • Donnie 11/06/2020 at 11:59 PM

    We ordered an 18" tall stainless steel firepit, when we got it today it was 4 3/4 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide. The customer service number they give you is PayPal. Money wasted!!!
    This is definitely a SCAM!!!

  • Marie 11/07/2020 at 02:17 PM

    I ordered the led Christmas lights, buy 8 get 16 free, l only got 3 sets. I tried support, got mail daemon,

  • Sherry 11/07/2020 at 04:41 PM

    Why aren't their ads taken down? I ordered two outdoor DigiEye Wifi cameras, but all I received was two 32 GB micro cards. I have been e-mailing a "Mickey Chen" at Support@gladnessjoy.com and he continues to insist that I received what I ordered. What a rip off! I think I am going to drive over there and see what is really at their address.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$ 11/07/2020 at 05:47 PM

    i ordered battery candles got them they were cheap broken not worth anything

    not leaving email another scam

  • Ted 11/08/2020 at 12:22 AM

    I ordered golf shoes, Waited months. when they arrived they were wrong size and both for the same (right) foot! Cannot reach anyone with the company.

  • Diane O 11/08/2020 at 12:34 AM

    Yes, this is a scam! I spent$140 for 20 Christmas tree decorations advertised as a three dimensional cute Santa in a mask. Got a dollar store rubbery flat item, not worth even a dollar. I'm a great grandma and these were for my 19 great grandchildren. I'm ashamed to sent them now. What a dishonest business! No more purchases from Facebook for me!

  • Ann 11/08/2020 at 11:18 PM

    Yeah, just ordered three pair of sandals. Bait and switch. Not at all what was in the photos....I’m pissed.

  • Concepcion 11/10/2020 at 12:26 AM

    I ordered rechargable chain saw. I recieved a folding hand saw. I too saw this on facebook, went to the web site,(no longer there). Paid with paypal, having problems getting my refund.

  • betty demont 11/10/2020 at 02:27 PM

    ordered 2 10 dollar gold liberty gold coins and one chain saw send me 2 play money and no saw

  • tom 11/10/2020 at 06:12 PM

    I guess facebook doesn't fact check what they put on their site when it comes to these products 444


  • Judy Fooks 11/10/2020 at 09:47 PM

    Today I received a 6", very cheaply made Santa, from this address, with no invoice or identification, whatsoever. It came to my address and even has my correct phone number. What is this all about? I have ordered nothing from this company. I have 2 orders to other companies in process and have contacted both, just in case. Does anyone know if this scam company is linked to any others that give the appearance of legitimacy?

  • Joan 11/11/2020 at 03:53 AM

    Today I received my Santa ornaments that were suppose to be glass. Instead I received very cheap rubbery type junk and no receipt in the box. Definitely not what I ordered or any where worth what I paid for them.

  • Rebekah 11/12/2020 at 01:32 AM

    Absolute scam. My mother ordered an ocean themed Santa that looked very well designed and constructed of beautiful materials on their Facebook video. The Santa appeared to be about 14 inches tall. She received a 5 inch plastic Santa in the mail that looked nothing like what was shown in the video. She got ripped off...going to the bank to dispute the charge immediately!!

  • Paul C, Beck 11/12/2020 at 06:49 PM

    Ordered a case for my phone and it came in broken. How do I return it?

  • SFinch 11/12/2020 at 07:07 PM

    Soooooooo pissed off.

    I ordered a lovely Large Christmas Wreath and got a crappy shipped messed up box, no receipt and a maybe 6 inch cheapo Wreath that I could have made for &3 bucks at the Dollar Store ..........URGH! 2020 and this company sucks

  • Brad 11/12/2020 at 09:01 PM

    ordered a back up camra and did not get anything. they said it was delivered but I have been waiting and no mail

  • DODO 11/12/2020 at 09:56 PM

    Ordered a chain saw and got a hand saw, weeeeks later.

  • George 11/12/2020 at 11:42 PM

    i received A Chip from this Company i don't what hill is it and why they sent it to me I never ordered any thing from them befor .

  • vlcox 11/13/2020 at 07:44 PM

    vlc 11/13/2020

    ordered candles for gifts look nothing like pics. very poor quality.how do I return?

  • Mary 11/14/2020 at 02:07 AM

    I ordered a 10ft snowman projector from this company for my front yard. Today, a package arrived that I did not order. It was an inflatable snowman costume. I could not be more disappointed.

  • ljs6614 11/14/2020 at 02:17 AM

    I ordered the 10 ft. snowman and they sent me a snowman costume. I want a refund. I found a legitament company to order it from. I was so disappointed! Wish there was a way to find out about the company before you order.

  • Quinn 11/14/2020 at 09:03 PM

    ordered a chain saw got a hand saw a cheap one at that

  • Jarrett 11/15/2020 at 12:20 AM

    Broken need refund or newone

  • Maria Clark 11/15/2020 at 10:07 PM

    This company is a sham. I received beauty cream which I NEVER ordered! Beauty cream from China?? Uhhhh. Waiting for my visa bill, so I can put in a claim.

    Facebook is cluttered with Chinese false advertising!

  • scamed 11/15/2020 at 10:48 PM

    ordered mini chain saw got a small hand saw

  • Adele Tucker 11/16/2020 at 06:31 PM

    I ordered three christmas trees....I received 3 pictures of the trees

  • Donna Collins 11/16/2020 at 07:35 PM

    I ordered a long sweater and was sent a short sweater. Totally different than they were showing. I tried to call the 1805 number and it hung up. I need to return this item. I will contact the better Business Bureau if I do not get a responce.

  • Georgia nice 11/17/2020 at 01:50 AM

    Ordered a alumin flash light got a very cheap plastic one I want the one that I ordered not this 5.00 light it is like realley fucken basterds isnt nothing but scammers they need to get with the program in life

  • Joe Blowinsky 11/17/2020 at 08:11 PM

    On Sept 16, 2020, I ordered a cell phone camera telescope attachment that allegedly has a 10-300 power 40mm lens. A package finally arrive on November 16, 2020, but is a piece of shit and can't function as described. Definitely not as advertised. Filed a chargeback with Visa a couple of weeks ago. Z J Logistics is not the company that did anything wrong. They are merely a company that handles transferring products from China to the U.S. in the least expensive manner.

  • Jan 11/18/2020 at 03:50 PM

    I ordered a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of Christmas trees and a puzzle mat.

    I received a 1000 piece puzzle of a cat lying on a shelf of a book case.

    No packing slip.
    I do believe this is scam.

  • Helen Saxon 11/18/2020 at 10:51 PM

    No Good company

  • tiki 11/19/2020 at 12:24 AM

    Received a jigsaw puzzle that I didn't order.

  • Maureen 11/19/2020 at 03:53 AM

    Ordered a rechargeable mini chain saw from ad on Facebook and received a little folding hand saw. Scammers all the way.

  • db 11/19/2020 at 04:43 PM

    Horrible company.. do not let them do any tech support for any reason. They have horrible customer service, they'll give you attitude and hang up on you if you don't comply with them. Don't let them log into your phone via IP address, your bank account (ZELLE) or cash app. The manager and techs were rude, disrepectful and will use profanity towards you. DONT TRUST THEM👎🏾😡👎🏾

  • buffalo chip 11/19/2020 at 06:24 PM

    I ordered a hand held chain saw on FB marketplace. Two months later I get a hand held cheap saw.

  • Mish 11/19/2020 at 10:59 PM

    Received a tiny cheap plastic light up Christmas tree from this address. Any clue what this is about?

  • Terrina 11/20/2020 at 12:03 AM

    Ordered a mini chain saw.... 2 months ago got a small saw no chain saw NEVER WILL I order from Facebook

  • Mellon 11/20/2020 at 02:06 AM

    I didn't order anything, and received two snowman candles. Huh?

  • Tra 11/20/2020 at 11:07 AM

    I ordered phone case for my new note 20 ultra and it don't fit. Scam

  • sdf 11/20/2020 at 05:11 PM

    Beware of scams

  • TND 11/20/2020 at 09:56 PM

    I received a package.
    Contents: a roll of pressure sensitive printer type paper. Should have been a photo printer and three rolls of photo print paper.

  • Cher 11/20/2020 at 10:25 PM

    Really? Scammed me also! Ordered eagle wreath, received an envelope full of 100000 parts, ole,crippled cannot make it! SUPER SHAME ON FACEBOOK!

  • Barb 11/21/2020 at 02:55 PM

    I ordered a 3 foot Christmas tree and got a 3 inch tree.

  • RWB 11/21/2020 at 10:52 PM

    I ordered a phone case and it came defective. Tried the email for customer service and, of course, it is bogus. I don't understand why FB doesn't take down these scams.

  • Sandy 11/23/2020 at 03:39 AM

    I ordered mini chainsaw, received a manual saw. Scam!!!!!

  • Dee 11/25/2020 at 06:27 PM

    Ordered a 3’ nutcracker that was supposed to play music and light up and got a plain nutcracker that was about 10”

  • Amanda 11/26/2020 at 03:13 PM

    I ordered a baby swing for $28 USD. I only recieved a baby headrest. The return address on the package was: ZJLogistics, 3979 E. Guasti Road, Unit A, Ontario,CA. I ordered this through an ad on Facebook. I am very disappointed. The advertisement clearly advertises the baby swing, but when you order, you are only purchasing a pillow. I contacted customer support at: Bonnie (Support), email address- mariateaddie3565@gmail.com. I recieved a response telling me that I did not puchase the baby swing, only the baby headrest. This site is a scam! The website(at the moment) is Shankzan.com. They are falsely advertising a baby swing. The products come from China and the shipping address is a vacant building for lease!!!

  • Ham 11/28/2020 at 09:33 PM

    Ordered a mini chair saw....2 months later I go a pocket knife with a saw blade.....tried to contact them.......no avail ....I ordered thru facebook.....be careful folks...I will never order anything over facebook again

  • Ann Parks 12/01/2020 at 01:10 AM

    Ordered Sherpa shirt & sweat pants - XL adult size. - received XL child’s size - needless to say - can’t be worn - have no way to return them. No paperwork on the inside of pkg. will not order from FB again. Ridiculous. They need to check their advertising.

  • maria 12/01/2020 at 10:39 PM

    Scam! I ordered Bartop Arcade that can play 2 players and recd a small small arcade with 2 remotes-advertisement scam!

  • Peggy 12/04/2020 at 09:05 PM

    Facebook ad showed Dooney & Bourke leather handbag sold by QVC. I ordered it, and 56 days later, received a cheap counterfeit vinyl bag. Return address showed from this place. I have e-mailed seller asking for a refund several times, and always get a screwball answer. Obvious Chinese response that can't understand or speak English! I'm now going to turn it over to Pay-Pal so tohey can charge it back to seller....

  • Mom 12/09/2020 at 12:42 AM

    Ordered those fleece lined leggings and got some very very thin nylony type of leggings, dumb!!

  • Kelly 12/09/2020 at 01:44 AM

    Bottom Line DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING HERE ! You will not be satisfied. It's too late for all of us! I think they took 2 + Months to arrive and CHEAP Fleecy leggings one leg shorter than the other and the worst pattern & sew job ever. Oh well, someone who needs to stay warm will receive them as a gift!

  • JMG 12/11/2020 at 03:06 AM

    Facebook should be held responsible in some form or way.This company who ever they are is making millions off these cheap products.Facebook should respond to our complaints

  • Misty Cooke 12/11/2020 at 04:53 AM

    I ordered a diaper backpack which should have opened to a changing pad. They sent the wrong backpack.

    I can't find the Paypal transaction it is not listed as zjlogistics. Does anyone know the name?
    Also, the email address on the thank you card is support@24hrservice.vip

  • Rina 12/13/2020 at 09:46 PM

    The instructions to the sushi set are all in Russian
    Email them to me in English ASAP

  • aimee 12/14/2020 at 10:43 PM

    Received a package with 4 track type suits. Never ordered! No information in package and return address on label is CJLogistics, 3979 Guesti Rd Unit A, Ontario CA 91761. I see from all the comments that this site is a scam. Have not seen my credit card charged, but it makes me nervous. How does one return this which was not ordered by me......

  • MD 12/16/2020 at 07:50 PM

    I ordered outside Nutcrakers back in October and received the $10 store nutcrakers plus one is damage. when i pay $69 clearly from order description they are not what i order and have been trying to get my money back and all I get is the run arounds or no response. their policy stated a refund can be issue and they will provide a return label and they want me to take care of the cost! they are a fraud

  • Jamie 12/17/2020 at 07:32 PM

    I have received two items from them that I did not order and I would like to get them to the people who DID place this order.

    They are Rainproof Anti Fog Film for Helmet - motorcycle helmet. If you are willing to pay for me to ship these to you, i will do so. They are obviously made in China with Chinese printing all over them.

  • Minnie 12/20/2020 at 12:43 AM

    I ordered a 3 piece blanket set for my daughter for Christmas and all I got was a very very small blanket throw. Asked for a refund and they said ok. But it was gonna cost me $36.00 to send it back. Not happy at all.

  • Chard 12/22/2020 at 11:54 PM

    I paid for the mini-chain saw which turned out to be an overgrown jackknife with PayPal. Am negotiating through its dispute Resolution Center. Meanwhile, seller has directly sent a coupe of harassing e-mails outside of the PP process. Neither Facebook nor PayPal should have anything to do with this scam.

  • Rose 12/23/2020 at 07:06 PM

    Never ordered anything

  • Lee 12/23/2020 at 07:45 PM

    Like EVERYONE ELSE, I was scammed by these pieces of 💩

  • Lee 12/23/2020 at 07:46 PM

    Like EVERYONE ELSE, I was scammed by these pieces of shit

  • julaine 12/24/2020 at 02:46 AM

    so does anyone kno how to get ahold of these idiots? i ordered a reborn doll from them and its a plastic doll and not even close to what i ordered!!!

  • Cheryl Ann 12/24/2020 at 04:44 PM

    I ordered a reborn Doll November 24th from Chicgoby.com. December 10th I get a text saying it was in California. Today I finally received my package. It’s not even the doll I ordered. My granddaughter wanted a girl doll. I got a 10 inch boy doll that literally has a penis. The return address is ZJLogistics in Ontario California. This is all one huge SCAM!

  • Frank R 12/26/2020 at 08:23 PM

    Ordered 2 heating vests. Got the vests, but not the remote power supply to heat them!
    No way to contact.

    No way to return. Very bummed, and still cold - ( sarcastic Haha. )

  • Frank R 12/26/2020 at 08:34 PM

    Ironic how they require that you use a real name, real email, check to see you are a robot, but are liars, thieves, and scammers!

  • LHP 12/27/2020 at 02:34 PM

    I just received my order after 2 months. What was suppose to be a twin size bedspread/throw, was a 24 x 45" throw in wrong color. There is no way I'm sending it back since I know I'll never see the money.

    I ordered from Facebook, which I'll never do again. FB needs to take them down.

    It is under "Funnydressing"/"Iris and Co"

  • Fran 12/29/2020 at 04:21 AM

    Ordered Xmas 2020 ornaments in Oct. Just received them Dec. 26....Look nothing like picture...Poor Quality and came broken..was really surprised they showed up at all..Filed a dispute with my credit card company, which was reversed..Will file another dispute....

  • Joanne 12/29/2020 at 03:45 PM

    I ordered a backpack with a collapsible bassinet on one side. lain backpack was delivered, nothing like what I ordered! Of course, cannot reach them for refund.

  • LMR 01/04/2021 at 07:20 PM

    this product is nothing like what I ordered!!!! After reading all the scam reports, I see that I've been scammed as well.

  • Carol Ellis 01/05/2021 at 08:19 PM

    I ordered 2 sets a electric scrubber - to clean my bathroom
    they sent me 2 sets of brushes. and no machine.
    they are not responding to any of my email
    this company is definitely a scam

  • Rosalinda 01/06/2021 at 02:17 AM

    We ordered wireless cameras back in October and only got SD cards :( There is no number to contact them and their website is ridiculous. I think I am going to report them to the BBB. I tried sending an email and this sure does seem like a scam to me.

  • Apostle 01/06/2021 at 03:42 AM

    I have ordered a similar camera and only received the cards. what is really going on?

  • DNEIL FRADELLA 01/09/2021 at 10:12 PM

    I'd like to return my order, I ordered 2 dolls for Christmas gifts for my grand-daughters and they arrived way to late. and the dolls look nothing like how they were advertised. So i'd like to send them back.. thank you my e-mail is dneilfradella@bellsouth.net

  • ak 01/13/2021 at 10:05 PM

    SCAMMERS!!! I tried to return an item and they said they would refund instead. They then asked that I download "Anydesk" app from the app store and given them the number on the screen so they can transfer the money. This is a scam, if you give them the number in the app they can access your phone and all info on it. And there is no reason as to how they would transfer the money. When I questioned them further they hung up on me. SCAMMERS!!!

  • Madd 01/14/2021 at 09:47 PM

    Ordered a remote control helicopter and received 4" push toy

  • Bigin 01/26/2021 at 10:50 PM

    Ordered a "Longmire" suede jacket in November for Christmas. Arrived in January.
    It's the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen. Returned for sizing as well only to have it refused!
    SCAM SCAM SCAM ! Lesson learned

  • Maria French 01/27/2021 at 03:30 AM

    Yes, I have purchase a 2in 1 hair curling iron, and it didn't work at all. Doesn't turn on. So please contact me by email. @ Yolafrench@yahoo.com need to return it and get my refund back thanks

  • JR 01/28/2021 at 11:46 PM

    Just so a lot of these commenters are aware, Ontario is in CANADA, not California.

  • Carmen 01/29/2021 at 07:41 PM

    I bought a router and sent me a whole bunch of blades. What a rip off. Scammers!!!

  • Siemens 01/30/2021 at 05:33 PM

    I purchased 2 sweaters they are a scam.

  • Stacy Holt 02/03/2021 at 04:00 PM

    I ordered too fast for Christmas. I open them yesterday since I did not get them for Christmas due to Covid I was just able to give them as gifts they were extra large would fit a size medium. Tried to notify the company and I received this page

  • Yvonne 02/05/2021 at 02:01 AM

    I recieved a pair of sandals that I don't remember buying. Sandals are ugly and I want to send them back.

  • Larry 02/09/2021 at 04:04 PM

    Ordered the mini chainsaw... Rec'vd 2 foldable handsaws. Where's the Facebook police on stuff like this... Oh, wait... They're too busy censoring conservatives.... nice job FB.

  • P.W.Maynard 02/12/2021 at 12:03 AM

    I ordered a Remote controlled Helicopter and they sent me a little plastic thing that I don't have a clue what it even is!!! I called and they got mad and started talking shit. Than hung up on me. And I think they blocked my number. Because, I couldn't get back in touch with them!!! Fucking scam!!! DO NOT BUY SHIT FROM THEM!!! NOTHING, IF U HAVE ANY SENCE, AT ALL!!!!!

  • Lothar 02/12/2021 at 12:14 AM

    Ordered the laser engraver, I got a pair of safety glasses over two months of waiting on it. Really sad. This company gets caught up in this. They think they have prospered from this but they haven't. Facebook should be fact checking things and sites like this. I would rather have my money back, I'm sure they would probably sent some other junk to replace the cheap cheap safety glasses I got.

  • Luis Cruz 02/12/2021 at 02:33 AM

    Well what a big mistake,I order a car jack and I received a cellphone car holder.This a big scam from the Facebook page very disappointed,and its like a $5.00 holder super cheap quality,Im going to file a complaint on Facebook beware the company name is Clocak.

  • Eli 02/12/2021 at 05:07 PM

    I ordered a product that I saw on facebook. It didn't say anything about ZJLogistics, but this company is who shipped out my order. It is exactly what I ordered and expected to receive. It did take a long time for my order to arrive but I'm good. I don't feel like I got scammed on my part.

  • sheila 02/13/2021 at 01:14 AM

    I ordered some coats and im wanting to return them / just wondered if u all have a return slip so i can return them . Thank u


  • GARY 02/13/2021 at 04:53 AM

    I ordered two car jacks and also recieved a credit card holder, I wont be bying anything off of facebook again

  • CATHY 02/16/2021 at 07:04 PM

    I ordered the computer advertised and today I just received in my mailbox the Mouse imagine that got to be a scam.

  • JOSE 02/16/2021 at 07:40 PM

    Please I dont want know problems i just want to return this product i didnt order

  • Caswell 02/16/2021 at 11:23 PM

    I originally ordered 2 battery packs from SolarOne in Illinois. They never shipped, but charged me. When I called, the company rep told me I can file a claim with the Attorney Gen office, and can order directly from the supplier, Wonderfuhi.
    I filed a claim with the Illinois Attorney General, who advised me I was among many who were scammed.
    I then went to the website for "Wonderfuhi" and looked at a laser engraver for $19.99, but the website said it was out of stock, and I did not order it.
    I did order the 2 battery power banks from Wonderfuhi, supposedly being the supplier, for $19.99.
    An email promptly came from info@456.com on 1/6/21, stating that I ordered the laser engraver, which was unavailable and I had not ordered. I paid $19.99 through PayPal.... Read more

  • Good Girl 02/17/2021 at 01:13 AM

    Count me in on that! Ordered the Laser Engraver...Got my crappy pair of dollar store safety glasses. Shit, I can't even find the email confirmation or order for them..out $20.00

  • Persnlmgr 02/17/2021 at 01:49 AM

    SCAM! I, too, ordered the Laser Engraver and today got my ten-cent Glasses. And, SHIT. the reason you can't even find the email confirmation or order for them was they didn't send one. I searched my entire hard drive for the words 'laser engraver' and NADA..I imagine a lot of us are out that $20.00.

  • bigbear 02/17/2021 at 06:34 PM

    bigbear 2/17/21 I ordered toolkit got pair of gloves .today .scam! $29.00 it's time to let IRS to know.

  • Karen 02/17/2021 at 10:02 PM

    I did recieve the jacket but it is tooooo small even though it is the size that I normally wear, very disappointed cause it is a very cute and unique jacket, cant find where to send back or even if they carry bigger sizes will maybe sell or give to the Salvation Army Very Sad

  • Krishan 02/18/2021 at 04:37 AM

    I ordered (4) four Plug-in Air Filters and you sent me (4) four Portable Heaters. You didn't include a slip in the package. I would like to return the heaters for a refund

  • JUDY 02/18/2021 at 09:19 PM

    I ordered a mini chain saw was so excited and all I got was a small had held saw so up set really wanted that mini chain saw so tiered of the scanned on facebook they need to do something about this I allsow order cool camping bunk beds again another scame I order two sets sure would like my money back

  • Jenn 02/19/2021 at 03:18 AM

    Report that shipping company at the Ontario CA city office it is

    Community Improvement, their direct number is 909-395-2007.
    Im trying to explain my problem to them now.

  • Zorro 02/26/2021 at 01:44 AM

    Be careful with this scammer they tried to still my personal Information they use this phone number 1 (760) 292 7810 from Paula Valley, CA Don’t buy nothing from this people they are in Facebook, eBay , Amazon, check the item and the price if is to cheap is and scam

  • CAH CAH 02/27/2021 at 09:29 PM

    These people need to be in JAIL, along with Facebook for allowing these SCAMS! First clue, if they ask for payment from PayPal run, away as fast as you can and don't look back!!! Ordered a saw and got cutting gloves!! *#$&*#*&# And PayPal should refund money!!!!

  • Warrior21 03/01/2021 at 10:37 PM

    Just received 2 peppa pig elbow pads???? Who? What? Where? Anyone missing these? Have no idea why or how they got my info to send. I did order a blue air tumble gymnastics track from a company a month ago. Hope this is not it!

  • Frances 03/02/2021 at 07:51 PM

    I ordered the GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter, After 5 weeks, finally received 2 chain saw blades with nothing to for them to go on. The ZJLogistics address does not exist so I have turned it over to my credit card co.

    Shame on facebook to allow this to happen to their followers.

  • A Mom 03/03/2021 at 07:48 PM

    Ordered metal signs no size in ad. By picture of the side of a building they were a decent size. I received them and they are no bigger than 8×10 inches. Fraudulent advertising.

  • EastTexas 03/03/2021 at 09:13 PM

    What a joke. Same issue with metal signs. one, I don't even know that it made out of. Some sort of colored plastic and came in pieces. But by the looks of all the dissatisfaction they are selling a lot of this junk.

  • Linda O 03/04/2021 at 04:26 PM

    I ordered a metal eagle to put on the front of my garage which was advertised to be over 3 feet wide. When I received it yesterday, it was only 12" wide. Definitely will not purchase anything from them again! What a disappointment!

  • Jeron Michel 03/05/2021 at 02:58 PM

    I ordered a chain saw 2 months ago. Yesterday I received a pair of gloves.

  • WestTexasKen 03/06/2021 at 10:12 PM

    Ordered metal signs, no size in ad. By picture of the side of a building they were a decent size. I received them and they are no bigger than 8×10 inches. Fraudulent advertising. The size of the photos and actual item are NOT the same.

  • Joe 03/13/2021 at 10:09 PM

    I ordered a 2021 Hot Selling- GTA 26 battery powered wood cutter. all I received was a piece of chain with to handle straps on the ends. Stoppted payment of charge on credit card. but still demanded product or reason not delivered. I will most likely have to wait "Until the 12th of Never" Face Book needs to stop their advertising.

  • Michael Marshall 03/25/2021 at 11:01 PM

    Wrong size I want larger size or my money back

  • Gerardo 03/29/2021 at 06:33 PM

    I ordered a hand held laser engraver don’t get it. I want my money back and put these scammers in jail.

  • 9085 03/31/2021 at 11:09 PM

    To all who have been scammed:

    I filed a complaint with the San Bernardino DA Office. They provided a complaint form to be completed and returned. I enclosed a list of 167 folks scammed. If anyone would like a copy for your submission, you can email me at npipitone9085@gmail.com. I have made an image of the form for mailing.

    The scam listing continues to grow.

  • Luie 04/14/2021 at 10:21 PM

    I ordered a Rechargeable Wood saw on 10-10-2020. Was out of state for 6 months got to opened package on 4-13-2021. Received a handsaw instead. So disappointed! SCAM!!!!!!

  • Pamela 04/15/2021 at 09:57 PM

    Ordered clothing and when I received not as shown. Also all the pieces have a very bad chemical smell to them.

  • Pamela 04/15/2021 at 11:06 PM

    I just made a comment above but want to add something to it. The company I ordered from
    is dressfashion.com. If anyone has dealt with this company and knows how to contact them, please respond to my comment. Thanks!

  • Patty Mouton 04/20/2021 at 07:30 PM

    I ordered clothing, paid thru PayPal it took over a month to receive the first items and nothing fits or looks right. Yes, I think it’s a fraud and since I went thru PayPal I don’ know how to return the items for credit. Since I read many of the comments I’m out of a 105.00. I wish I had checked this company first. Facebook should not have them listed in their advertisements. I believe it is a scam.

  • Teresa 04/22/2021 at 12:52 AM

    I ordered a purse believing, base on the add, you advertised leather merchandise and what I received is a purse made out of cardboard. This is a big scam.
    i want to return it, please send me the info on we’re to return the merchandise and I demand my money back.

  • NICK 04/28/2021 at 01:04 AM

    To ALL:

    I filed a complaint with the San Bernardino DA's office. I received a reply from their office of investigation that they were planning a visit to zjlogistics.

    I haven't heard back yet on their findings. One person from this group requested the address and complaint info from me which I gladly provided. I strongly recommend each person listed here also file a complaint to the San Bernardino DA's Office. it's easy. POWER IN NUMBERS!!

  • Mar 05/03/2021 at 10:21 PM

    Just received two garments that look ridiculous and cannot find the charge on my credit card or PayPal? No invoice included. Crazy.

  • Consy 05/10/2021 at 12:10 AM

    Receiving things I did not order.

  • Cindy 05/10/2021 at 12:11 AM

    Have received two packages I did not order.

  • Con 05/19/2021 at 04:27 AM

    Ordered 2 shirts - both poor quality and do not fit at all. There is no packaging information at all! There is no way to return items. What a scam.

  • DCoop 05/20/2021 at 01:06 AM

    I got a dress that I didn’t order. How or why, no idea. It’s ugly though snd I want to send it back!

  • Bren 05/20/2021 at 02:44 AM

    Same thing just happened to me! Have you been able to figure out what is going on?
    What website did you use?