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Classified Scam : service@customercarefor.com service 11


Fraudulent emailservice@customercarefor.com
Pseudonymservice 11
Url / Websitehttp://cristina-vila.com/
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Scam contentsBought 3 pairs of shoes for almost £100, got sent some tacky Gucci sunglasses. No contact details on the website besides automated contact form which I emailed 3 times and got no reply. After googling the different email address I had from the order confirmation and more digging I got this email - service@customercarefor.com. I asked to cancel my transaction, they said it was too late the parcel has been delivered. They provided the tracking number for the sunglasses then claimed it was a courier error but anyone looking into it shows the parcels been delivered. Luckily on the label it shoes the contents and weight which were clearly not shoes! I am going back and forth with emails, they offered me an exchange, I said I wanted my shoes which they said are now out of stock even though showing on the website. After querying this, they told me that stock isn't available on there even though listed!! So they are more than happy for people to go and pay for items that they clearly know they don't have in stock but sending some 'tatt' instead. They told me to keep the glasses and I would get 30% refund - soon....! Not sure what there purpose of a reply is as they have got what they wanted...just to scam people. These people really need paying a visit from someone who really would bring them back down to earth....karma is a bitch
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