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Social Media Scam : +447520609959 Telegram


Telephone+44 7520 609959 (ou 00447520609959) (more info)
Scam contentsHello
Davani Forex Company is a company that deals with investments, you invest a minimum of 5k to a maximum of 50k. You get your profits in 24hrs.
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Davani Forex Company is a company that deals with investments, you invest a minimum of 5k to a maximum of 50k. You get your profits in 24hrs. On 07/09/2020 i invested 5k with Davani Forex Company. i deposited the money via LUNO App,once the money was in their account they wanted more money which they didn't specify about on the documents. When i told the agent that on the documents you don't talk about the other money she stopped responding. The next day(08/09/2020) i asked about my profits and she said the profits are ready but i must send them a video(appreciation video), i asked how can i send the video while i didn't receive the payment.

She refused that i send the video, i made a video and send it because i wanted my money but still she didn't send anything and blocked me on Telegram. On 23/09/2020 i spoke to her on WhatsApp, i told her that she must at least refund my money but she blocked me.

your help will be kindly appreciated to expose DAVANI FOREX COMPANY.

thank you
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  • +44 7520 609959


  • Xkhong 11/04/2020 at 04:57 AM

    I also got scammed on the 2/11/2020 I invested 25k hoping to get 250k the following day but I never did, I was told to deposit more money in order for m to get my profits of which I was not told about before. I told the lady to give m a refund or I will report her she told m to send her my address that is got from luno, even today haven’t received anything. Please help us expose Davani forex company and helps get a way to retrieve our money back😭😭

  • Lulu 11/25/2020 at 01:34 AM

    I invested R5000.000 with Davani Forex company with the hope that I would get the R50 000.00 profits in 24 hours as they said but I was told I need to pay R4 800.00 which they never said anything about on their information and they don't even make you aware of it until you want your profits. After a few weeks I was able to get the R4 800.00 and paid to Davani Forex company and they now asking for morw money. When I asked then if the R4800 was the final amount they assured me that I will not have to pay anything else and as soon as I make the payment my profits will be in my account. Please assist me get my money back. I don't want their profits anymore I just need the money i paid to them.

    • Sage 11/29/2020 at 11:42 PM

      May I ask what's the name of the Agent that you contacted about the investment?

  • Judith 12/02/2020 at 11:34 AM

    I was also scammed by Davani Forex Company. I invested R6000 and was told that my profit will be R60000 within 24hrs which wad supposed to be today 02/11/3020. Instead of receiving my payment I was told to pay extra R4000. I asked gor my R6000 back but the lady instead blocked me.

  • Tytyte 12/28/2020 at 02:08 PM

    I was also scammed , invested 10k like a idiot. When it was time for my payout was asked for a transaction fee which was never mentioned &boom no more contact and im out 12k . This is definitely a scam.

  • Ntah 01/04/2021 at 06:44 PM

    I was also scammed by the company, paid in R5000 expecting R50 000 and an additional R4500 for processing fee. This was in November 2020, even today, January 2021, no sign and the telegram indicates "last seen a long time ago".

  • Mark 01/11/2021 at 10:20 AM

    Yes I was also scammed by Davani forex company I invest R3000 to them they ask me to pay R2200 no way it is scam I told the lady that she won’t get an cent from me anymore

  • Srupla 01/13/2021 at 02:11 PM

    Please... Can the state help us to get rid of these davani people. Enough is enough. An action has to be taken apon them... No ways we can't take it anymore. I almost deposited my 10k but somehow i decided to go through the internet and search exactly what davani is all about. Now i see is a big scam that many would fall too. Imagine how hard we work for that money 💵 😢🙆‍♂️😥some if us it takes us months to save up a sum amount of 10k, and then someone out of no where comes to take it away from u with their sweet talks... F🤬ck davani ppl 🖕💯.... U gonna fall one day all of this temporary joy shall come to an end as the say "nothing last forever"

  • Lloyd J 01/20/2021 at 03:17 AM

    Yesterday I deposited R3000 to Davani Forex Company, this morning when I reached out to them about my profits, she blocked me on Telegram

  • mission 01/23/2021 at 05:40 AM

    the davani forex company is a big scam thiz morning when i must received the profits this motherfucker told me i need to pay an extra 6500 for withdraw fee...is hy jags.

  • Siphamandla 02/04/2021 at 03:22 PM

    Yesterday i got scam

  • Khwezi 02/10/2021 at 06:27 AM

    Yes it is a big big scam of which I fell victim to

  • Ben 02/22/2021 at 03:52 AM

    this Davani is a gig scam

  • Joe 03/08/2021 at 04:43 AM

    I've been scammed on surtaday the of 6th march I deposited 3000 now that lady want another 2500 fee to release my profit these is a fucken scam people

  • Shef 03/25/2021 at 02:01 AM

    I'm very sorry to all of you guys hey, this is sad. Thank for shedding some light on this because some of us were about to invest into this scam.

  • Tyra Khensani Wilson 04/01/2021 at 02:23 AM

    It’s the biggest scam, along with Weston FX Ltd

  • Lee l 05/12/2021 at 08:44 AM

    I was also scam by a guy called shaun mavimbela from davani...am going to expose them...with the other guy nicholas sibanda, he is using capitec were i transfer my money in.i have everything that is needed to linked them. I coming for you guys


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