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Scam contentsjack and coke shirts
Your comments / analysisI ordered a medium and large jack and coke shirt. and received 2 3xl shirts. Shipped them back and PayPal is refusing to give me a refund. PayPal is refusing to issue a refund because guidesky125 has a contract with paypal. Paypal might be involved in the scam with guidesky125.
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  • Ej 10/30/2020 at 09:31 PM

    I too was taken by this company. Order some shoes & received the wrong size. My purchase was over $27 dollars and they offered me $2.....

    PayPal would not refund me my purchase price and sided with the vendor.... total sham.

  • Vickie 10/31/2020 at 05:22 PM

    Absolutely a scam operation. I ordered 3 pair of Vionic shoes, received what was supposed to be a size 9.5 -10 and put them on only for my heel to be hanging off the back by an inch. I can wear a 9.5-10 depending on style, but these weren't even close. I looked for content to send back within the 14 days of receiving and their contact website/domain didn't exist. No phone number. I contacted their email address through Pay Pal and got into a bidding war where I just wanted to return them and each message back was another increase in offer. After 14 messages back and forth I finally said OK I'm done I have better things to do I'll take the final $18.00 refund and keep the shoes. (I donated to Goodwill) Original order $53.94 and they wanted... Read more



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