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Scam contentsDear Sir
I checked my bank and it was given to me that on the same day the amount of 64.37 was deducted with ozurization code number 959573 on the date of 4/10/2020, and on the same day another amount was deducted for $ 74.66 The merchant, who is you ( epl meianlgeco beijing ) and the bank assured me that these codes appear in your bank account statement ...
Please review these codes and these amounts and confirm to me because they appeared in my account in the name of your Excellency. Thank you very much.
Your comments / analysisI made a purchase order from this website with a value of $ 57, and the site deducted two amounts from my account statement, 64.37 and 74.66 dollars, and although I addressed them more than one email, he denies any amount that was deducted except for the $ 57 in addition to that. The requested product has not yet arrived for those who ordered it for more than three weeks, in addition to that, the website for them has become non-existent.
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