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Classified Scam : info@official-watch.com Clarisse Pauvay


Fraudulent emailinfo@official-watch.com
PseudonymClarisse Pauvay
Url / Websitehttps://official-watch.com/smartwatch/order2_en.php?
Scamdoc Trust Score | Contact / Whois info
Scam contentsSmart watch for sale.
Your comments / analysisPurchased a smart watch from the website above on 02 Sept/20, but have never received it. Money was taking out of my account on the day.
Never received a confirmation letter, and when i question this, i was told there was an issue sending this out.
Emailed them on the following dates
02 Sept 20
04 Sept 20
06 Oct 20
19 Oct 20
28 Oct 20
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