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Classified Scam : Facebook ad


PseudonymFacebook ad
Scam contentsOrdered instant printers and all I have received is two small rolls of the printing paper.
Your comments / analysisI just have to stop buying anything off of Facebook. They eliminate conservative info but sure don't help with the scammers.
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  • Gig 12/27/2020 at 12:42 AM

    I totally agree...I bought several Christmas gifts this year because so many things looked different and fun and of course could not go to stores. Two of my separate orders have been scams. I contacted Facebook and complained even as they continue to run advertisments with the seller promises. Facebook never responded after two attempts to complaints I learned my lesson, am unfortunately out money. I now make sure if I buy they are legitmate websites. Any Oh By the Way.....agree with your comment on the elimnation of conservative info because Yes they do!!



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