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Classified Scam : Buanny


Scam contentsordered 3 beautiful handmade Seashell,Ocean themed Santas for Christmas gifts. on Sale for 19.99 ea. Ad said they were 32" tall, had a lovely picture of a lady holding one. Impressive. Ordered on Oct. 22, ad was on Facebook. Package finally arrived today Nov. 17. with the very same address as another item I ordered which was also a scam. The Santa's received, are not handmade, do not have seashells and are about 6" tall and look like they came from the $ store. I paid with PayPal so hopefully they will be able to help with a refund. So frustrated and annoyed.


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Handmade seashell santa(Order 2 for free Shipping)×3

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11816 40th Ave S, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98168


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11816 40th Ave S, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98168


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Express (only in the US) (2-5 days)

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Your comments / analysisI checked the e-mail address this company "Buanny" listed, and it doesn't exist. There website is very limited. Any of the pages they have listed, such as return policy, shipping policy, etc. if you click on them a message comes up that the page does not exist. Ads mysteriously disappear after 1 day on Facebook, just long enough to sucker a bunch of us in. I also ordered a few days later from a different company, an entirely different product. Both pkgs. arrived today Nov. 16 and they both have the same exact address on them. 3979 E. Guasti Road Unit A. Ontario, CA 91761. Never, ever order anything from any of the companies posted on Facebook, especially if the deal is too good to believe. Hope PayPal can help me get my money back. almost $85 on one order and $60 on this order to get 3 Dollar store Santas!
  • this is what I got, it's 6" tall and cheap plastic
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