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Fraudulent website : www.gsexxp.com customerservice.cxq006@gmail.com


Fraudulent emailcustomerservice.cxq006@gmail.com
Url / Websitewww.gsexxp.com
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Scam contentsSelling site, at huge discounts
Your comments / analysisThis site is using the email customerservice.cxq006@gmail.com, and selling products at greatly reduced prices.
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1 comment

  • tomas 11/28/2020 at 02:16 PM

    The same email address ( CUSTOMERSERVICE.CXQ006@GMAIL.COM ) on dutch, german, italian, spanish portugese websites. Prices so low, and they say products are available. As you purchase, you have not get a confirmation email about purchase, you not get no shipping details, nothing..just money lost to unknown source . If you do by paypal. paypal will not be responsible for your mistake, That damn customerservice@... will not react to warning sent by paypal- please return money, close transaction.. The similar item i bought from America,it came in 12 days. The same item from that damn customerservice.cxq006@gmail.com cannot come in 3 weeks...


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