Social Media Scam : Emmanual Depeche


PseudonymEmmanual Depeche
Scam contentsHi

I am the person who successfully hacked and logged into your operating system while you are reading this post, I have full access to your personal data and system.

In the last few months I have been looking at your devices and noticed that you like to watch a lot of adult content i.e. pornographic videos.

Because of this I injected a virus into your browser and using this utility I was able to get, save and safe place a brand new clip with your masturbation.

I recorded your masturbation and the adult content you were streaming at that time, both clips were edited in the same mirror video.

You might be wondering why your security devices couldn't stop such a hack attempt?

The answer is simple: my malware uses state of the art, latest generation encryption methods that are difficult to see, see, and remove.

The recording I own compromises you to a large extent, as I now own all your email and phone contacts, I can easily send this video to all your friends, family, work partners or broadcast its videos on social networks with the click of a mouse and you will be listed as a pedophile, in order to avoid chaos in your life, contact me as soon as possible at my personal address below to avoid the worst.

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