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Social Media Scam : blockchcainblockchcain@gmail.com Blockchain cryptocurrency trading


Fraudulent emailblockchcainblockchcain@gmail.com
PseudonymBlockchain cryptocurrency trading
Scam contentsblockchain cryptocurrency trading
Your comments / analysis@Lavoie_Desjardins and @Rora_bolivar on telegram promoted this blockchain cryptocurrency trading with this fake email blockchcainblockchcain@gmail.com and scammed me $315. They operate a fake scamadviser group on telegram. My blockchain account is hacked and compromised all my $205 bitcoins was stolen from my wallet and i cannot access all my wallet addresses in my blockchain wallet/account.
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  • Uma 12/20/2020 at 09:16 AM

    Yes, I have been scammed $320 by these stupid bastards. They stole $205 from my hacked and compromised blockchain wallet account claiming that it was taken by a trading bot they later asked me to send $100 appreciation fee to the blockchain cryptocurrency trading support on telegram where my fake daily earning was being posted, I came to realized that it's a scam when they ask me to send more appreciation fee again I refused then my so-called upline @Rora_bolivar on telegram blocked me, blockchain support blocked me and i was blocked they fake scamadviser group operated and monitored by this account @Lavoie_Desjardins on telegram

  • Signor 12/28/2020 at 06:51 AM

    They operate this scam mainly on telegram with this telegram account @blockchain_admin_support

    Do not trust any telegram account promoting this nonsense. @rora_bolivar and @lavoie_desjardins have deleted their telegram accounts and probably created different account with another names because of how their scam with other accounts is exposed. But @Blockchain_Admin_Support is still active on telegram with which they use to scam people. This is a terrible scam


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