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Fraudulent website : www.theskycome.com xhjishop@outlook.com


Fraudulent emailxhjishop@outlook.com
PseudonymTaizhou Jinghang Glasses Co., Ltd.
Url / Websitewww.theskycome.com
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Scam contentsposts expensive items (e.g DTV Shredder 200LT) changes the name to "vertical offroad vehicle: offroad artifact" and is posting them for sale for $49.99 free shipping.... (its a $5000 item) (note: read my comments/analysis, there are more scam sites from the same "whois" domain)
Your comments / analysisother than posting expensive items for cheap prices, the terms of service states the website is run and managed by "bestshopinsale.com".... there is no such website... also using your algorithm and inspecting the certificates, ive linked this site with 2 other sites with the same "whois" and the exact same items listed for sale... the other 2 websites are "www.baiadut.com" and "www.bluesads.com"... i have only had a direct experience with "www.theskycome.com".... use your own website (scamdoc) to cross refrence these 3 websites so you can see the similarities... also if you are willing to expose your computer, feel free to visit those websites to see for yourself... the manufacturer of "DTV Shredder" sell them for $5000 on their main site
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