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Scam contentsDear all,

I want to report a bitcoin scam that I have been cheated by unfortunately.

I was introduced to this by a person called Lisa. Don't know if it's the real name. I have a picture. Also the number+44 7451 289297.
She contacted me saying this is legit and showed me some of her people who have made most of it. 80% mine and 20% hers.

I was not informed that I would have to pay the commission first and then only I can withdraw the money. To start with I invested £1100 and when the trade ended it showed £55k profit. She told me I would have to pay 10k first. I managed to pay £10k by borrowing from my friend and taking a loan. Then I had some money for my wife's visa saved in my account. is the website.

I have all the emails and the what's app messages.

They said I need to pay £350 more then 600 more. I paid that and then they said I need to pay cost of transfer £1550. I paid that and then they said as per FCA guidelines I need to pay £3220 more by which I have lost my wife's visa money too

They used moonpay as their means of payment.

I'm fully screwed and I've decided to end my life my the end if this week as I've let everybody down and I'm at least more than 40k in debt. I wanted to make things right. Help my family and do everything right by my ill parents. I've been a failure all my life and now this too. I can't take this anymore. Please publish this as I don't know how many more people are affected by this. Please help me also if you can.
Your comments / analysisI'm on the verge of killing myself but I want to help as many as I can before I go.
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