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Fraudulent website : greetbit.com


Url / Websitehttps://greetbit.com
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Scam contentsGreetings!:gift:

:envelope_with_arrow:lf you arе rеading this messаgе…

:arrow_forward:You are оnе of the WINNERS

In a charitу drаw of ВTC, whiсh wаs arrаnged bу our Trаding Рlаtfоrm tоgеthеr with our deаr investоrs. In оrdеr tо mаkе реоple hарpy in thе new уеаr 2021, we dеcided tо аttract nеw раrtiсiраnts and thаnk thоsе who havе alrеаdy registerеd. The amount оf the drаw is 7.77 BTC. Log in tо yоur асcоunt or, if you arе nоt alreаdy а member, сrеаte account and rеcеive yоur prize.

:arrow_forward: - https://greetbit.com/
:arrow_forward: - you prize is 20.000$ in ВTС at the сurrеnt exchangе ratе.
:arrow_forward: - Your prоmo соdе: X9b65S4CbV15
:arrow_forward: - Imроrtаnt the promo соdе is vаlid for 7 dаys, уоu cаn соntinuе to invеst оr withdrаw thе рrizе.
:arrow_forward: - Dо nоt give thе рromo сode to аnothеr рersоn
:arrow_forward: - Yоu can activаte the promo codе оn the «Sеttings» -> «Rеferrаl рrogrаm»
:arrow_forward: - In саse of prоblem situаtions, we аlwаys have online suрport оn оur Trading Platform
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  • xam54321 01/19/2021 at 08:42 PM

    Totally a scam, followed the instructions to see how and got:

    You can withdraw your funds only on external address, which is registered and verified with your account. To verify your (external) address with your account, you need to make a deposit from this address. Deposited amount will be added to your current balance amount and will be available for withdrawal at any time immediately. More information you will find on Deposit area in your profile. Minimal amount of the verification deposit is 0.01 BTC or 0.33 ETH.

    • Skooter 01/21/2021 at 09:30 PM

      So you weren't able to withdraw your deposit, or the $20,000 from prize giveaway?

  • HeAVeN69 01/22/2021 at 07:22 PM

    someone have try deposit and withdraw after???

  • Oldsilver 01/22/2021 at 08:47 PM

    i did deposit 0.01btc to account and after that. I tried to withdrawal btc out but then the portal told me as my balance size exceeds 0.3 btc then you need to activate the Premium account by making a deposit of 0.05 btc to your account. i did not to that. After that, I decided to lose 0.28 btc by trading. to get the account balance below 0.3 btc. But in trading I bought a crypt 10k + usd worth but didn't get the krypto in exchange. so now i have left around 0.005 btc and system still wound allow withdraws. lets see can they fix missing crypto problem.

  • Jones 01/22/2021 at 11:26 PM

    I received the same message that I won $20k worth btc. I’ve been trying to find out more about them but not a lot of info out there. I’m skeptical of depositing the 0.01btc. Has anyone successfully made a withdrawal?

  • Oldsilver 01/23/2021 at 01:02 AM

    Ok i am begging to suspect that its a scam my balanse is now under 0.3 btc and they still wound let me withdraw the Btc. demand to activate premium account. So i would classify it as scam i would not deposit funds.

  • Jone 01/23/2021 at 05:20 AM

    It’s scam.

  • Oldsilver 01/23/2021 at 10:27 AM

    You get the email and when you take them up on that offer. First they tell you you must deposit btc 0.01 as one lump, to not for get the % that they take from that so you must deposit at least 0.0128btc to activate address where you want to withdraw. and after that your funds you still can`d. Seems that you account balance is to big over 0.3 btc. you must activate Premium account. And you loosing btc wound remove premium account demand. Al-tho support tells you when you account falls below 0.3 btc you wound need premium. So this is totally scam. to not deposit you wound get it back. It wound be surprise that this portal will disappear in 2-4 of month with all the BTC that has aas hostage on that portal.

  • HeAVeN69 04/18/2021 at 01:58 AM

    I have made more then 100000 $$ with this trading Platform now i want to withdraw told me i have to put 0.075 bitcoin to activate premium account and after i can withdraw someone have try this dont want to lose Money



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