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Classified Scam : service@replygres.com


Fraudulent emailservice@replygres.com
Scam contentsWaterproof pants and jackets.
Your comments / analysisI received an order and contents were extremely smaller than I ordered. I attempted to return and email is not valid.
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    • Robert 03/03/2021 at 07:17 AM

      I received an order and contents were extremely smaller than I ordered. I attempted to return and email is not valid.

    • Lawrence 03/03/2021 at 09:50 AM

      Well, the model car that was advertised is a far cry from the one I received. In fact, the offer was so good price-wise, I purchased two for my two great grandsons. I waited a long time and then they finally arrived... WHAT A JOKE! Except that the joke was on me for being such a mug as to get hooked by the advertisement. We live and learn... hopefully! Yes, this is a SCAM that I'm sure they are able to get away with.

    • Leebo 03/04/2021 at 02:33 PM

      Unsolicited merchandise arrived today. About three weeks ago I ordered what appeared online to be a full size Cuckoo clock. I paid $53.00 and received a tiny piece of junk. Today, I received another one which I did not order.. I can't even find a legitimate company name. I hope nothing else gets sent. I am certainly not paying for junk I did not even order!! What a scam!!

    • Donna 03/04/2021 at 03:07 PM

      The item I ordered not was advertised on the site. My question how do I get a refund?

    • Pauline 03/17/2021 at 05:00 PM

      Purchased sandals and what I received was garbage. These sandals are not what was listed. Want my $back

    • Vanessa 03/23/2021 at 12:54 PM

      What I ordered is not what I received. I am so disappointed in the product. What a rip off.

    • CR 05/31/2021 at 01:54 PM

      the "illusion lamps" and windmill lawn ornament were nothing like I ordered. The quality of the items received are pure crap Cannot find the email encl;osed for return items and there is no receipt.

      Everyone beware. This company is a rip off and cannot be trusted.

    • Diane 06/07/2021 at 10:11 AM

      Total scam. Unbelievable.

    • suzanne Gunnell 06/07/2021 at 03:31 PM

      do not want plastic humming birdfeeder, the plastic handle does not fit together, want to return and refund or do not charge me.... A piece of junk

    • Mike Kirkham 07/13/2021 at 05:38 PM

      I recently purchased a new Humming Bird Feeder which contained great reviews. Apparently the humming birds in our area do not like the new one and only use my old one. How do I get a refund for the the new one.

    • dirt59 07/14/2021 at 02:52 PM

      I ordered some fence that was shown much larger then it was' Very miss leading and they didin't give any way to contact them for a refund.

    • Wanda 07/23/2021 at 01:47 AM

      I ordered 3 of the faux ivy fences and it wasn't nearly what was described at all. I couldn't believe they would rate this so highly and demonstrate a beautiful flexible faux ivy fence that didn't stand up to the showing. Absolutely. fell for the faux fence infomercial!!! When received almost 30 days after ordering, there was a small card with a fake email service@replygres.com to contact for "complaint-Suggestion & Refund. Sending them back requesting refund. I paid with Paypal and calling them to dispute payment. I will get my money back and they will get their crap back!!!

    • little Pea 08/08/2021 at 07:46 PM

      These shoes were so cheaply made and I ordered three different pairs to check the proper size only to find this is a spam. I paid with a credit card. What is the best way to get my money back? Any one know how to get a credit to my credit card?

    • jeannette daniels 08/09/2021 at 09:51 AM

      cheaply made shoes, ugly and smells, I want my money back or I will send to my lawyer. I order shoes that were suppose to be merrell brand and what a shock.

    • Norma Blakney 08/14/2021 at 05:24 PM

      i ordered a pair of sandals from colourfuls,me order number 1348, first off it was 7 weeks before i got them, they are not what they showed they were. the sole is hard cardboard and the rest is a cheap made sandal. not happy with the order, i would appreciate a reply.

    • Kathy 08/23/2021 at 09:33 PM

      I ordered pants and they are so small my grand daughter can't wear them Can't get in touch with the company. I truly believe they are a scam.

    • Deb 09/25/2021 at 02:43 PM

      I ordered a pair of sandals that were claimed to be made by Clarks. They are in no way the quality of Clarks. I ordered them in size US 8 and although there is no size printed on the shoes they cannot be any larger than a size 5.5. The phone number listed on their service page is not in service. I want a refund on this purchase including the $9.89 shipping charge.

    • Lois 09/30/2021 at 06:51 PM

      Product is a piece of crap .Bought wind spinner. Want to return. How ? Email is scam.

    • gary 10/03/2021 at 04:12 PM

      why does face book aloud them to keep selling?

    • Sadie 10/15/2021 at 09:05 AM

      I need a mailing label. The shoes you sent are wrong color. I don't like the fit.


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