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Scam contentsI ordered a kit of an antique model car kit and got something like this: only it isn't as nice as that model car.
Your comments / analysisI definitely linked the shipping ID number of the metal model car kit to the delivered, assembled metal car model so I got something for my money, but not what was advertised, nor what I wanted.
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  • clark 02/18/2021 at 01:22 AM

    I received a cheap toy car, not what was ordered. their ad has been on the Yahoo home page for weeks. It's a ripoff.

  • bhups 02/18/2021 at 06:52 PM

    Total rip off. DO NOT BUY from this site. Ordered the DIY kit for an antique car and got a model car work 1/4 the price. When I contacted them they offered to refund $3. Total waste of time and money. Do not buy from them.

  • Jo 02/19/2021 at 05:45 PM

    Same scam happened to me, a cheaper model toy car was sent.

  • mark 02/22/2021 at 03:53 PM

    Big bait-and-switch scam.

    Surprised Paypal participates.

    They send a cheap model car that is not a kit.

  • Jim 02/22/2021 at 04:43 PM

    Bait & Switch site-total scam. Ordered 3 Antique model, assemble kits and received 3 cheap Chinese knockoff diecast cars.Paid via PayPal - it's a scam.

  • Russ S 02/24/2021 at 05:35 PM

    Yup, got me too. This was the scammers response:

    "This is in response to your inquiry regarding the problem of what you received. It is normal that there are some differences between real products and advertisments.
    Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you. We suggest that you keep the package due to high price of the shipping fee. And it's dangerous outside because of the spread of COVID-19. So we would like to give you a partial refund of $10 as compensation, is this acceptable?" Differences? They advertise a Working kit car and send a toy. Yea, I'd say a LOT different.
    So basically keep what we sent you and LIKE IT otherwise you PAY LOTS OF MONEY to RETURN, HAHAHA. I'm Reporting them to the FTC and Paypal, hopefully Paypal takes away their account away if enough people complain. And will never ever ever click on a Yahoo ad. Stupid Yahoo, they don't check ads they run if their legit and ruin it for the ones that are.... Read more

  • marilyn 02/24/2021 at 06:47 PM


    ordered ramp for dog got a net

  • noon 02/24/2021 at 09:05 PM

    Entered a credit card as payment, an Submit, nothing happened. SO I think my Credit card info is now stolen :(

  • Ken 02/25/2021 at 04:05 PM

    Yep same thing happened to me paid through Paypal and am currently waiting for dispute resolution. I'll never buy anything from them or anyone else from overseas claiming good products.

  • JK 02/26/2021 at 07:07 PM

    Same problem, waiting on Paypal, also emailed yahoo adds (Verizon media)

  • maninbox 02/26/2021 at 10:52 PM

    I ordered two detailed steam assembly kits from Kayaera ads on the Yahoo home page for a total of $85. I received two children's toy die-cast cars worth just a few dollars. PayPal insists that I return the items to a China address at my expense even though the delivered items were shipped from Carson, CA. The cost of shipping to China far exceeds the value of the items. I feel that I have been defrauded and PayPal is not helping.

  • Dave 02/27/2021 at 06:29 PM

    Got scammed on the same metal car kit. Received same cheap model in its place. Got the same excuses and same refund offer. I had ordered another item which I never received an order confirmation. I did ask and did receive a refund on that item as it was never sent although they did try to have me wait for it with some excuse about the holiday causing plants to be shut down. Requested the order be cancelled and a refund was received. Should have known that an item that is being sold for 1/10 the cost on regular sites was a scam.

  • Bill 02/27/2021 at 09:34 PM

    Ordered that beautiful detailed army jeep (the deal looked too good to be true...we should never doubt that rule). They sent a cheap toy worth about $3.00. They have been advertising on yahoo home page for several months. The metal vintage car, the army jeep and a tractor. Do not order these things. It is another Chinese scam!

  • MG 02/28/2021 at 04:38 AM

    Same thing happened to me. Waiting for PayPal resolution. Total SCAM.

  • raaamad 02/28/2021 at 11:42 AM

    This company needs to be exposed for its deceptive advertising and business practices

    I've been deceived by the same Yahoo advertisement, and bogus PayPal guarantees as others in this obvious scam.

    Yahoo and PayPal are complicit in their participation, and should be held responsible as well.

  • Steve 03/01/2021 at 09:13 PM

    Yes, I also used PayPal to pay for a bait and switch order. But, I used a credit card through PayPal. I called my issuer and filed a dispute with them. I sent the seller pictures of what I ordered and what I received and they offered me $6.00. I told them NO, I want a full refund (merchandise plus shipping costs=$59.98). My charge account has been credited pending the outcome of the investigation. Folks, these items actually cost around $300 each from a legitimate source.

  • JR 03/04/2021 at 02:06 PM

    I got scammed the same way. Bought a steam engine kit and got a toy sports car. They offered $8 refund and to keep their garbage toy. I responded that it wasn’t acceptable. They replied that they’ll refund $16 but then I’ll have to pay to send the toy back and wait.

    Absolute scam.

  • pistol pete 03/05/2021 at 12:00 AM

    Keep these crooks from China off Yahoos pages!!

  • Porkchop 03/05/2021 at 06:18 PM

    Same situation happened to me. Ordered steam engine, cost with shipping $66.58 USD
    and got a car worth $5.00 BAIT & SWITCH SCAM
    Doing this gives the legitimate companies in China a bad reputation and loss of trust.
    You will pay more, but buy American. We stand behind our products and value our customers. Will be contacting Amazon, PayPal, You Tube, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram as to the business practice of Kayaera company in China about ( bait & switch ) customer fraud.

  • MS 03/07/2021 at 05:51 PM

    Note that these scammers work under numerous fake company names, including

    The scammers either steal your financial information or use a loophole in Paypal system to block your complaints if you payed via Paypal.

    Generally, the scam works as follows: If for instance, you live in the USA, they act through another seller to send you a very cheap toy (~$6) instead of what you have ordered (~$60 to $80). They in fact have none of the items they advertise (say: "Steam Engine Kit") on their sites.

    Now, as soon as you complain, they keep sending you emails (from a personal address and NOT their fake company) to bargain with you to accept %10 or 20% or ...and at most %60 of the total refund.... Read more

  • Mikee 03/15/2021 at 10:01 AM

    It was too late when i saw this site, i am also a victim of these scammers, same shit happened to me i ordered that DIY jeep that is supposed to be radio controlled. Waited for more than a month to get it, and get disappointed, mad, furious when i open the package. That shit they sent me is nowhere near close to the one they advertise, and you can not write a review on their website.

  • R 03/18/2021 at 01:42 AM

    This is definitely a scam. The Kayaera advert looks perfect and legit so I ordered and paid for a steam engine model. About 5 weeks later I received a cheap model car worth about $1. Getting a refund from the company turned into a real fiasco. The company gave me all kinds of run around and refused to refund my money. PayPal didn't have the clout to force the vendor to refund. Lesson to the wise: before buying anything on the internet do some basic internet searches to determine if the company has been reported as a scam.

  • Z 03/18/2021 at 03:29 PM

    This is a total scam. PayPal doesn't really help. You need to collect all the evidence and ask your credit card company to resolve this.

  • R Gilstrap 03/20/2021 at 05:58 PM

    I purchased a model car offf of PayPal for $47.98. The packaged arrived with a toy car worth perhaps $8.00. The purchase that I made through PayPal was for a model car that I would put together. I made a complaint through the resolution dispute via PayPal. The vendor offered me 20% refund then two days later offered me a 40% refund. I returned the toy cat back to the Chinese address as instructed for a full refund.

    What was curious is that the product was sent from James Charles, LESSMORE LTD, 1550 Glenn Curtis Street Carson, CA 90746. Mr. Charles has acted as an agent for the Chinese distributor on PayPal.

    I have returned the misrepresented item to the Hong Kong address provided by the vendorL PayPal has acted as an intermediary so I'm hoping that this will be handled with a full refund. It makes me want to avoid using PayPal in the future since they cannot determine scam vendors on their platform.... Read more

  • dickie 03/23/2021 at 08:34 PM

    I ordered a steam engine kit from these bozos and received a cheap small model car instead. Car value was 8.00 bucks on line. Steam kit was 59. Got ripped off good. My fault for second guessing myself. Steer clear of this site.

  • Bill` 03/23/2021 at 10:41 PM

    Total scammers. Dinah Gutierrez is the name of the person who posted a video of the steam car falsely advertised. She needs to be behind bars.

  • Pineapple 03/26/2021 at 01:35 PM

    A total rip off. Ordered the tractor and got a cheap car. Stay away from this website!

  • Railfan 03/27/2021 at 10:59 PM

    As someone who owns brass trains. The moment I saw that ad I knew that there was no way in hell that they could sell such a highly detailed model such as that for $49.97. Even if somebody was paid .10 cents an hour to make it. It's sad that people even fall for it. That's how they get away with it.

    Highly detailed brass trains are not mass produced and cost at a minimum several hundred dollars and more for a simple rail car. Steam engines such as that one can go for between $5000 and $10,000 easily. Diesel locomotives $2000 to $3,000.

  • Sanjeev 03/29/2021 at 08:18 AM

    I ordered the Steam Car Engine Assembly Kit and got a $ 0.25 plastic toy car instead. Instantly disputed it on Paypal and within 30 minutes Paypal reversed the transaction and refunded full amount payed. I did not even bother to work with the vendor as it is so blatant of a bait and switch scam.

  • Dwirt 03/30/2021 at 06:46 AM

    Looks like you can add me to this list of scammed customers. Will talk to PayPal. Total SCAM!

  • KJ 03/30/2021 at 07:32 PM

    Kayaera is a scam outfit. They do not deliver what they advertise and get you to pay for. They are fraudulent and should be shut down

  • Patrick 03/30/2021 at 09:54 PM

    Same deal

  • Mikeb 03/31/2021 at 05:05 PM

    Kayaera is a scam. I ordered 2 car kit from and received the parcal about a month later and the cars are not what I ordered. I spent 2 other car about 2 dollars, They said they are sorry and I can keep the car s and they pospsoed to give me 8 dollar back. They said the seller is not working again. They are a scam

  • Dawn 04/01/2021 at 10:32 AM

    Same thing happened to us! Ordered 2 steam car assembly kit $49.99 S&H 8.99 x 2 received 2 toy cars from Lee Jamaica, NY Man i hate how this world has become. We never received a transaction notification or receipt. I knew something was off! So much for an anniversary gift for my husband. Bad Karma to the all those MFs.

  • pachim 04/01/2021 at 08:03 PM

    The steam locomotive BR81 appears to be an LGB model. There is no way on God's Green Earth that you can purchase an LGB locomotive for $59. This is DEFINITELY a scam. I did not purchase this item, I know better. Shame on Yahoo for running this ad. At one time Yahoo was a reputable company but it has apparently sunk to a low level, willing to take ad revenue from anyone, even obvious scammers.

  • Roman Makowicz 04/01/2021 at 08:11 PM

    I am out of $54.00 Total scam!!

  • Z 04/01/2021 at 10:46 PM

    I won the dispute at both PayPal and credit card company, and got full refund without returning their junk. A couple suggestions here, 1. In PayPal dispute, this scam company didn’t even put the complete return address there, there was no recipient name and phone number and there was no company name. All you need to do is to contact this scam company and ask their complete address, they will refuse to do that. You need to keep this evidence and contact PayPal. It is very understandable that a scam company can’t give you real name, phone number, and address (by the way I don’t think the address they put in PayPal dispute is legit, they simply put a fake China or Hong Kong address to discourage you to return), otherwise law enforcement will e... Read more

  • mike 04/01/2021 at 11:35 PM

    Got me on all three, paypal did refund the money for the tractor and car but I got stuck on the jeep. I can't believe paypal and yahoo would back these scammers. By the way, the train add they are currently running is also a scam. No.1 It's not brass No'2 if you read the fine print it's HO scale, which is about 4" long, what they are showing in the video is G scale.

  • kevin 04/03/2021 at 12:38 AM

    They got me for $ 85.00. No contact information. Total rip off.

  • pachim 04/03/2021 at 06:07 AM

    A few other tip offs of the scam, the ad states this is "finest brass handicraft model". Where can you buy a brass locomotives for $59? Maybe in 1951 but not today. Also they state the size is H0 rail (I think they used a zero and not a capital O in H0) and the scale is 1/32. Obviously they do not know anything about model trains and the difference between scale and gauge. Finally the ad mentions power is direct but higher in the ad there is mention of a decoder implying the use of DCC. Taken together this screams SCAM and as many have found out, this is a scam.

    There is also ad on Yahoo for a climbing car (whatever that is) from a company called Grometto. Again this is supposedly a remote controlled car (actually pictured is a WWII Jeep) for a ridiculously low price; too low to be believable but it seem a lot of people were taken in by this ad and again lost money and only received a cheap piece of junk.... Read more

  • pachim 04/05/2021 at 07:13 PM

    As of this morning neither ad, either the one by Kayaera or the one from Grometto is appearing on the Yahoo homepage. Maybe Yahoo and/or PayPal have seen the light and removed these ads. But I expect more ads for other equally misleading products will appear shortly. Stay tuned for more scamology.

  • pachim 04/08/2021 at 04:34 PM

    "They" are at it again - another scam. On Yahoo there is an ad for a small sit-on excavator using caterpillar-type tracks that you can allegedly use around the house. Powered by a gasoline engine. It is shown digging small ditches, excavating dirt, etc. all for the unbelievable price of $59.90! And once again one can pay using PayPal. The company is Windy-wholesale.

  • mike 04/09/2021 at 01:33 AM

    The excavator Windy-wholesale is currently advertising is a total scam.
    You couldn't even buy one of the tracks for $59.00. What you will get for your money is a small toy, that doesn't work.

  • pachim 04/09/2021 at 04:46 PM

    There is a child's version of this model, unpowered except for the controls used by the child's hands, for sale at $232.70. So how can they sell a gasoline powered version for $69.80? I thought yesterday the price was $59 but today I see it is $69.80. I guess the strong demand has pushed up the price -- NOT!

  • mike 04/11/2021 at 03:53 AM

    I tracked down that 272 part steam tractor kit and it actually sells for $659.00. What a scam.

  • pachim 04/11/2021 at 05:22 PM

    The ad for the small excavator is gone from Yahoo. Maybe they sold out the supply of small, cheap models. Now there is an ad for a 4-propeller drone with a camera for $59. Another scam me thinks.

    One easy way to se if this latest offering is a scam is to go to Best Buy and see what a similar drone will cost. I did a quick search and drones at Best Buy start at $500. The drones at Best Buy are legitimate as Best Buy is a true store . So how can these people sell their product at 1/10th the price of Best Buy and still earn a profit. They can only if what they actually ship is a very small, crude product with absolutely no resemblance to what is offered in the ad.

  • Mike65 04/14/2021 at 01:01 AM

    Just received a toy car, I got scam

  • pachim 04/15/2021 at 04:42 PM

    There is a new ad on Yahoo for a small, handheld mini chainsaw. Th price is $69.98. The ad states it can run for 6-7 hours on one charge. With the small battery I doubt this claim for run length. Not sure if this is a scam but I have a feeling it is. Buyer beware.

  • Lenny 04/16/2021 at 11:56 PM

    I ordered this from a yahoo advertisement:

    Received an inexpensive knockoff.

  • Sam 04/20/2021 at 05:58 PM

    I ordered the Steam Engine and the Classic Car kit as a gift for my 14 year old grandson. You can imagine his disappointment when he open the box they shipped only to find a couple of cheap die cast toy cars. They played the same games with me as other reported; tired to get me to accept various increasing amounts of partial credits which I refused. File dispute with my CC company which is still pending.

  • pachim 04/21/2021 at 03:38 PM

    Everyone should stop and think, can these companies sell the item offered for the low price (usually <$80 or so) and still make a profit? The answer is no, they cannot. So they do send you a car, just not the one featured in the online ad. They probably figure some people will file a complaint and ask for a refund but many will just be mad and say to heck with it and chalk it up to a life-lesson. Enough people will go the latter route and so they can still make money on the scam. If they had charged the real price of the advertised goods, say a few hundred $, then everyone would demand a refund after they had received there piece of junk.



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