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Telephone+1 332-355-6849 (ou 0013323556849) (more info)
Scam contentsThey sell a lot of "good" accounts for a cheap price, they've built a site just to scam, none of the e-mails have any answers nor the online service.
Your comments / analysisit's just a scam afiter your purchase your account it says "Unfortunately you didn’t get the desired account, but you get a random account for RAID Shadow Legends according to the User Agreement! " they use laws to scam those people who don't want to read the details, a bunch of motherfuckers don't trust this site, it's a brand new acc that never logged into the game that they give to you
  • the e-mail those motherfuckers send confirming the scam
  • the scam site those motherfuckers own, don't buy from this shit hole
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telephone number analysis +1 332-355-6849

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  • +1 332-355-6849
TerritoryNew York, NY



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