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PseudonymElias Stark
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Scam contentsScam forex / crypto brokers who seem legit at first. When you first start investing they allow and encourage you to be able to make small withdrawals on your account and investments appear to be making significant profit. They gradually build your trust while convincing you to invest more and more money. When you ask to withdraw all of your funds or a significant amount, they start ignoring you. They deactivate the withdraw function on your trading account too, so you can’t get your money back. Classic scammers.
Your comments / analysisElias Stark and Harvey Oakes from Agora Markets are dangerous scammers who belong in jail. They have ripped off many innocent people and destroyed people’s lives.
  • What’s app conversation with Harvey Oakes
  • Agora markets claim we all have contracts
  • No one ever signed contracts with them, they are thieves and scammers and liars
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