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Telephone+44 7451 274781 (ou 00447451274781) (more info)
Scam contentsThis person uses Tinder to match with his victims and persuades them to start investing in and trading with cryptocurrencies. He sends an invitation link to register on a fraudulent trading website. He continuously pushes for more money with the excuse of maintaining a safe transaction, earning more profit and getting rewards. He doesn't mention that eventually, money won't be able to be retrieved from the trading platform without additional payments. When it comes to the point of withdrawal, the fraudulent trading platform keeps asking for more and more money without releasing funds.
Your comments / analysisThese guys are professional criminals. Money cannot ever be retrieved and if you threaten them, they disappear (they either block you or the fraudulent website disappears). This person, who called himself Alan, uses stolen images from a guy Matty Ducker from the UK. He's a native English speaker and supposedly in the wine business. Be careful of the scam email address, scam website and scam Tinder profile. Message me on lanstals23 At if you have information on them.
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