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PseudonymFlorina Tifoi
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Scam contentsThe promise to have a high yield profit but everytime you want to withdraw they mention there is something wrong with the account, open fees etc. to unlock and keep investing you need to send money again. In the beginning I did since they actually paid out but this was of course only small amounts. As soon I wanted to get more of the "profit" back the problems started to show up.
Your comments / analysisThey kept blaming on the blockchain but little bit of knowledge is telling me it is all a scam just to get more money out of my pocket. Please get this offline ASAP otherwise more people will fail for this load of crap.

Small withdrawals is ok as long new money is coming in. all this information is nowhere to find on their site. I even made a new account were they told me I can withdraw any time and as much as I want now I know that is a big lie. So this site needs to be offline asap.
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