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Fraudulent website : www.genpartsp.com costello_russellegp@vfemail.net


Fraudulent emailcostello_russellegp@vfemail.net
PseudonymGenpar Online Store
Url / Websitehttps://www.genpartsp.com/
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Scam contentsOrdering from this Genpar site can only be completed via Paypal, even though the home page shows Visa, MasterCard. The logo and page structure is made to look like the official Genpar shopping page of https://genpar.myshopify.com/collections/all. When placing an order, an email confirmation of your order will not be received. You will receive a Paypal email showing that money was sent to Origami Owl with an email address of CostellO_Russellegp@vfemail.net. If you send an email to this person you will receive a return failed delivery email that says reccipient's email is full. If you search engine Origami Owl along with this email address, you will see many claims of fraudulent activity claims. The customer service info at this website is only another email address that appears to go nowhere. There is no contact phone nuber.
Your comments / analysisI purchased a hard to find bicycle part at this site. The site only accepts Paypal. I didn't receive an order verification email but the Paypal email shows the following
(Merchant - Origami Owl CostellO_Russellegp@vfemail.net)
A quick search of this email address shows many claims of fraud from various other sites. I went back to the site to cancel my order. Customer support is only an an email address of aida@anyproblemservice.com . An email sent to both of these addresses ends up in email failure notifications. I disputed the charge with Paypal and they see no evidence of fraud. This person is obviously exploiting a loophole in PayPal's Buyer Protection policy.
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