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Fraudulent website : www.cryptopapa24.com


Url / Websitehttps://www.cryptopapa24.com
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Scam contentsThis website requires a person to send them crypto from another website (even though there is crypto purchased on the site) before a person can withdraw cryptocurrency that is already present and purchased on their platform. This is unheard of in the crypto exchange world. it smells of a scam. I attempted to withdraw USDT and the site would not accept the withdrawal.
Your comments / analysisI don't know much about Cryptopapa24.com. It is run my a Russian out of Moscow. This in itself makes me wary. This could be a legit website; however, they operate unlike any other crypto exchange that I am familiar with. I sent the owner of the site an email (he lives in Russia) and have yet to receive a reply.
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