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Fraudulent website : www.bitmace.com support@bitmace.com


Fraudulent emailsupport@bitmace.com
Url / Websitehttps://www.bitmace.com
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Scam contentsPromised daily compounding at 0.879% or 1.246%, depending on level of bitcoin invested. Sunday June 6 at 0935 CDT an email was sent out to investors stating that a hack attempt had resulted in a temporary shutdown but that the attempt had failed and they would be back on-line. I checked a few hours later and the site was up but I did not attempt to log in. Later Sunday afternoon the site was off-line.
Your comments / analysisThis had all of the red flags for a scam:
1. Unsustainable returns as a promise
2. Misspellings in a few emails
3. Claimed they were registered in the UK as Bitmace Ltd. though I could find no proof via the internet.
4. No contact except through the website so when the website is gone there's no way to contact them.
5. Seems the host server is Enom.com and they might have the info on the people behind bitmace.com
6. Also the website "48hourscoin.com" which is up now is too similar to what was the bitmace site to be a coincidence. I bet it is the same group.
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