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Fraudulent website : www.cfaex.com


Url / Websitehttps://www.cfaex.com
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Scam contentsWas told by lovely female that Holy Shield Imperative had a ICO going on and that Blockchain and G5 was a fusion of technology that would revolutionize the Crypto Landscape. I was directed to CFAEX website and initially just purchased coins, until I was prompted by Lulu to obtain "miners" instead at 0.02 BTC a piece. HSI was going live on 5/31/21, and then it was 6/10/21 which is today. The site is inaccessible, my 35,000 coings ar nowhere to be found and my BTC is gone!!!!
Your comments / analysisI invested into HSI (Holy Shield Imperative) by transferring BTC into the platform under "my account". I bought approximately 750 HSI coins at an average of 22.00, before I was informed that I could get "miners" for 0.02 BTC each. I bought 20 or 0.4 BTC which was in addition to the purchase of coins for a total of 40,000 plus. The web site posted that the HSI ICO was a great success and that on 10 Jun 21 we could start freely trading on several top 10 sites including Coinbase. FALSE!
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