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Fraudulent website : www.recoup24.com


Url / Websitewww.recoup24.com
Scam contentsWe are a group of professionals with amazing skills and extensive financial, legal and regulatory backgrounds. We take up the fight to help victims of fraudulent and unregulated Binary options/Forex and Cryptocurrency companies get back their money to the very last penny.
Your comments / analysisthey claim that they can help you to charge back the fund you lost in crypto scam, but themselves are scammers, asking money from you to deposit in to a wallet in order to initiate the chargeback process, so that they can take the money you put and disappear, stay away from scammers who want to scam people twice! My own experience with them! They use secure messenger called "wickr me" to communicate with client, so that you can't screenshot their conversation asking you to put money, in my case I was asked to deposit 60000 USD in order to initiate the chargeback process, when I told him that I don't have money, then he said he can match 30000 if I don't have 60000! LOL, I wish I could have screenshot this.
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    • June 08/08/2021 at 08:09 PM

      Everyone recommended chargeback email are scammers, sorry to say that, but it is true. I tried them all.

    • Xiaoming 09/18/2021 at 06:58 PM

      I have been scammed by ingoinvest and few so called recovery companies, I can't afford to pay any advance fees or deposit, but I would like to pay you half my funds after you get my funds back. Thank you very much for your understanding.


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