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Fraudulent website : www.mayumiss.com service@gardenlr.com


Fraudulent emailservice@gardenlr.com
Url / Websitehttps://www.mayumiss.com
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Scam contentsThey are supposed to be going out of business and selling silicone masks for $20, that normally sell for $600-700. However, they just opened at the end of June. They are selling way too many for this price.
Your comments / analysisI really want to shut them down before anymore people are scammed.
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    • Wendy 09/09/2021 at 05:38 AM

      Of course it is a scam! Read this review https://www.sabireviews.com/mayumiss/ and stay away!

      • Gil 10/01/2021 at 04:24 PM

        I think they got caught and changed their name to zuzulook, see my entry about them and the '4 shoulder dragon' set they were selling. Got me through Paypal for $138.68 2 days ago with a kid's small backpack.

    • Carmen 09/09/2021 at 08:07 AM

      I got scammed as well on some fall wreaths. Ordered three for $119- they claim they have shipped them but others that finally received them said they were cheap! They showed a local lady in the pics that make wreaths and it looked so legit!!! GRRRRRR I have appealed to PayPal to get my $$ back but nothing! :(

      • judy paola 09/16/2021 at 01:52 PM

        that finally received them said they were cheap! They showed a local lady in the pics that make wreaths and it looked so legit!!! GRRRRRR I have appealed to PayPal to get my $$ back but nothing! :(
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    • Kelly 09/09/2021 at 10:19 AM

      I will never use PayPal again...I live in Jackson, Tennessee and they sent one of my orders to Jackson, Mississippi. I told PayPal and they said it was delivered...I said not to me....and they did not care...never again!!! It was through another product, though

    • Bren 09/16/2021 at 01:35 PM

      I got scammed as well on a fall wreath. They showed a lady that appeared to be living in the USA and I knew after I processed my payment that it was actually in China. I was still hopeful until I received the wreath today, a total piece of junk. Nothing about it was useable.

    • Suzie 09/22/2021 at 11:49 AM

      Scammed on 3 fall wreaths! Thought this was a legit website Etsyhome! It is not!!!

      Ordered September 8, tracking said CHINA! Ugh! I was still hopeful maybe because it said transit to Shanghai then it said cargo flight now it says RETURNED! Returned to where? Today is September 22!!! I just looked and now it says currier not found!

    • Im a bobo 09/28/2021 at 06:22 AM

      I ordered two masks. I received two masks, just not even close to what I ordered. Total scam.

    • Jackie 10/01/2021 at 01:19 AM

      Totally a scam & fraud. Bought wreaths via Facebook. Shipping notice showed an address 100 miles away - hadn’t heard of the place. Getting a runaround. Looking at these comments seems ‘address’ is a regular issue. No
      phone number provided. Looks like a Chinese pretend company

    • Priscilla 10/01/2021 at 02:09 PM

      Wish I had read these comments before placing and order with nice looking caucasian ladies going out of business sale on fall wreath. Also, hate to admit, got scammed on skecher shoes, NOT SO Skechers, also on facebook. Contacted charge card co on fraudulent activity.

    • Amy 10/11/2021 at 01:53 PM

      I ordered a fall wreath on September 8, 2021. Paid for faster shipping. Tracking showed from China after I ordered the package. Online said shipped from California.it shipped on September 12, 2021. On September 26th, I emailed them and they responded the next day and told me to give it 3-5 more business days. On October 3rd, I emailed again requesting a refund or the product because the product’s tracking hadn’t moved in 12 days. They never responded. On October 8, 2021 I sent another email and they never responded to that one either. On October 9, 2021 their website went down and is no longer available to check tracking or contact them. I never received the wreath!!

    • Deb 10/12/2021 at 09:20 AM

      TOTAL SCAM! Just received my wreaths. Nothing like the photos. Paid $65 and they are plastic and super ugly! I ordered a pair for my front doors and they don’t even match!!! Now, they want me to ship them at my cost before they refund me. But, they are in China.

    • Jennifer 10/14/2021 at 03:35 PM

      Yup, same scam here too with the wreaths. Dollar store $5 wreaths sent.


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