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Fraudulent website : www.chomex.io chomexvip@gmail.com


Fraudulent emailchomexvip@gmail.com
Url / Websitehttps://www.chomex.io/main/home
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Scam contentsWebsite contains only a few crypto currency, with the last three currency being fake currency. These fake currency are DOHG, YFC and CHX. Website also contains false information such as providing zero fees transactions. They provide downable app but it is not supported in Apple Store. Website does not have any address and details regarding its company being a legal licensed trading provider. They do have any way for you to contact them for support. All of their links in the website do not work.
Your comments / analysisDeposited funds into their website but when I requested for withdrawal, they froze my funds and asked for several advancement fees. Despite paying alot of advancement fees, they keep asking for more. When I ask them for their company information and any legal documentation for such advancement fees, they did not respond back to me anymore and my account was deactivated. They was previously operated with a fake name called Bitfinex.kr that copied the legit Bitfinex.com. Now they had changed their scamming operation to this new website instead.
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