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Scam contentsAll the info in their website is fake. They use apple share chart in reality they are not even trading apple share. They input manually reflecting profit and ask for hefty fees and they vanish once you try to withdraw your fees.They do it using crypto currency so you can ny reverse back the transaction even.
Your comments / analysisBiggest Scam Artist. I have personally been a victim and lost a lot of money. Please everyone be careful before get all your hopes up with their lies. I wish there was any way to track these monsters.
After posting the review they are sending me death threats to remove the review. I have proof of every single transaction as well as the platform will reflect a lot of money in there which will influence you to upgrade your account but you will not receive any penny in reality. If you ask them to give you a video call or identification they will not do that. They will tell you that they are mining bitcoin so can not pick up calls. Please, everyone, be careful. It's really embarrassing on my part to post it after being scammed. I just don't want anybody to face the same situations as me. Now they are posting 5-star reviews by themselves so their review rate doesn't go down. I believe they are collecting other people's information and contacting you on Instagram. If you notice most of the profile is not more than 3 4 months old. You will see only when they ask you how your trading going your investment number goes up. They are just reflecting an amount that does not exist in reality to get you excited and scam your real hard-earned money. Feel free to contact me if you need any proof. Don't fall for their trap. I am trying to take some legal action as well. I will keep you all posted.
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