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Fraudulent website : www.maisonsjusteprix.fr srvice001@gmail.com


Fraudulent emailsrvice001@gmail.com
PseudonymKobe Kiven
Url / Websitewww.maisonsjusteprix.fr
Scam contentsPaid more than the price on website. Payment confirmation of credit card by service mail service@topfbshop.com was X, but the actual charge on credit catd was X+Y.

After item not arriving for 15 days, inquired via E-mail (Shop not answering) and got a track number for a parcel in transit from Amsterdam.

When parcel arrived, the item was a fake cheap China made item, not the item ordered. Exactly the same as reported by other references here and also on Facebook (search for Kobe Kiven).
Your comments / analysisWARNING: Only pay with a credit card that has a pre-charged credit exactly the same value as you are going to pay, because this way you will immediately find if the scammer is trying to overcharge. Do not do like me and use a credit card attached to a bank account. I learned the hard way.

The bastard is opening sites in French and Netherlands (.FR, .NL) terminations.
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