Romance Scam : +22997436071 Philippe.Desbiens80 or Philippe Trassard


PseudonymPhilippe.Desbiens80 or Philippe Trassard
Telephone+229 97 43 60 71 (ou 0022997436071) (more info)
Scam contentsIndividual requested to chat on skype after meeting and talking through POF. Talks with you asking questions and getting to know you. He quickly expresses his affections for you and what he is looking for in a committed relationship. He said he lost his parents in a plane crash 4 years ago and later stated 10 years ago, claimed to be a personal trainer and an art dealer through passion on the side. He later discloses he has money and owns his own plane. He traveled to Binen, Africa to purchase several Picasso painting which are clearly valued at over 100 million each. His bank accounts were frozen because of the large amount he just spent on paintings and needs funds to clear customs and change a flight he missed home. He promises he will pay you back when he returns home. He said he was born and raised in Belgium and lives in Charleroi.
Your comments / analysisI did research because I'm no idiot. I also stayed with his scam as long as possible two days to obtain as much information as I could. The real individual in his photos is a Marc Fitt who is Canadian (online health perfessional) and lives in Quabec. He still has his parents and is in a committed relationship not single like this individual claims. This individual claims his dogs name is Philou when the real dogs name is Rocco. When I requested proof of who this individual is he was able to FaceTime and show a repeated clip of Marc Fitt with no auto. He claims the audio is messed up. He also sent me a French Passport which didn't match his story of being born in Belgium. His POF profile said he was 37 which I didn't believe but his fake passport said 30. His pictures show blue eyes and passport claims brown. The address wasn't for Charleroi Belgium. Please do not send this idiot any money and can only imagine he would have access to your information and take anything he can.
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  • +229 97 43 60 71
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