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Scam contentsRussian dating - Cam to Cam, live chat promise of marriage after you spend thousands of dollars with no guarantees. Thousands of paid Models to take your money.
Your comments / analysisAnna 26 yrs St. Petersburg Russia aka anya.sugar on instagram. This model is on multiple sites at same time. She will claim bad connection but she is chatting with multiple men. The more men she gets to spend money the more money she makes. Check her out, she claims to be hair dresser but has had extensive work done and takes vacations around the world on your dime. Talk to her on multiple sites and she will have different family background and she will not know you. Start over and spend more money. She is professional scam artist, she has conned Maxim and Playboy into photo sets. Check charmdate on Instagram, they advertise for models, no experience needed. These women are not real only models getting paid. These sites are like their pimps where they can get their clients from. Listen well, I have learned the hard way. I am trying to warn as many people as possible. I have never heard of anyone actually getting one of these beauties into marriage. You would think they would be singing the sites praises. Speak up and show the proof. Listen or don't listen it is your money. PS I am contacting Maxim and Playboy for comments. Do they have code of conduct for their featured models?
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