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Pseudónimo utilizadoTianan onlineshop
Contenido de la estafaCompra de zapatillas
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónEn instagram me apareció una oferta de unas zapatillas y entré y me redireccionó a la página de (no .es). Hice la compra normal y pagué pero solo recibí este email y me han dicho que es una estafa y no se si es verdad pero si lo es me han estafado 20 euros y no se si podrían ser más!
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3 comentarios

  • Perfect Stranger el 12/03/2018 en 11:01

    Hello, it seems to be a scam. I did byu 2 pairs of shoes and they took 43 Euros, and not even a single email.
    I contacted them 3 time, no answer.
    I should have known better.

  • C el 16/03/2018 en 09:31

    True, definitely a scam, no shoes here and $60nzd down

  • Jane el 27/08/2018 en 15:19

    I thought I got scammed after seeing the reviews because I bought a floral river island bag and it had the same receipt as you guys except it was The website said shipping would be about 3-8 days and the delivery tracking number would be sent from 36-48 hours. However they never sent it to me. When it was the 8th day I thought I wasted £30 on nothing. However I emailed the person and he gave me my delivery tracking number which gave me hope it would come. The website to track the bag was called 17track and I did research on that as well and people were calling it a website where scammers put their products on which then I thought my bag is never gonna come. I put my tracking number in it anyway and it was from ... Lee mas

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