Otros fraudes : wholesalenewhat@gmail.com


Email fraudulentowholesalenewhat@gmail.com
Url / Sitio web http://superdryeuo.club/
Contenido de la estafaPágina copia exacta de Superdry que “vende” ropa de la marca que jamas llega.
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónCompre una chaqueta de 120€ y jamás llego. Nunca contestaron los emails que les mande, etc etc
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78 comentarios

  • Romina el 20/02/2018 en 10:06

    I'm sending them emails and i don't get answers. It said that i would get an email with tracking link but i never recived any mail beside one with onformatipn like a bill.

  • scoops el 26/03/2018 en 12:47

    stessa cosa per me, ho acquistato un paio di scarpe il 22/03/2018.
    Dopo qualche gg in attesa di ricevere tramite mail il tracking number, ho fatto una ricerca tramite l'indirizzo di posta a cui ho scritto una mail per sollecitare il mio acquisto ed ho scoperto che a tale indirizzo corrispondeva una pagina web sulle truffe online.

  • Rob el 12/04/2018 en 11:54

    Any further updates? I ordered yesterday and just got nervous.

  • Amy el 16/04/2018 en 11:03

    Vor ca. einem Monat bestellt und immer noch keine Bestätigungsmail bekommen. Auf der Seite kann man sich auch nicht an eine Email wenden, da keine angegeben ist..

    alles merkwürdig und ich bereue es sehr meine Daten dort gelassen zu haben.. Damit müsse man direkt zur Polizei.

  • tommy el 21/04/2018 en 19:12

    Compre unas cosas vía tommybb.top donde ofrecían 75%, han pasado dos semanas y no he recibido nada, ahora me doy cuenta que es un fraude, como podemos denuciar esto en instagram, ya que fue por medio de alli donde realice la compra

  • Alz el 25/04/2018 en 12:06

    I paid for some shoes but have not received any information on dispatch. Can anyone confirm if this is a scam or not?

  • Dee el 26/04/2018 en 14:11

    Saw add for doc martens on instagram. Ordered. I think I’ve been had. Wrote a cancellation request, will update you guys if I receive a reply but I’m assuming I won’t.

  • Jonathan el 26/04/2018 en 23:46

    Likewise, I unnervingly gave my bank details over via an Instagram advert, kind’a thought that it must be official as on a professional site?! But yep, that was on the 15th of April, so am feeling Had!! I’ll contact my bank once more on the 1st, for when they said they may refund and pursue justice, we’ll see?! JSM

  • Mac el 28/04/2018 en 03:44

    Ordered boots 03/16/18. I have not received. Tried every way i know to contact them with no luck.

  • tintin el 02/05/2018 en 20:43

    Ordered Converse shoes never received a reply from wholesalenewscamshit@gmail.com as to where the delivery will be made, called my credit card company, got a refund and reported these bastards.

  • Elena el 03/05/2018 en 10:34

    Yo también he caido, y para colmo me han hecho un cargo de 50 euros y el banco no puede hacer nada, piensan que es como una especie de suscripción lo que me van a cobrar y estoy desesperada porque hoy han sido 50 pero quien dice que no me vayan a vaciar la cuenta... En verdad nadie nos ayuda cuando pasan estas cosas... Lo único que se me ocurre es sacar todo mi dinero del banco y cancelar esa cuenta...

    • manoliel 11/12/2018 en 11:20

      yo lo q veo q hay estafas d primeros d año y a mi me lo han hecho en noviembre¿ hasta cuando van a seguir haciendolo?

  • lu el 03/05/2018 en 21:30

    Has anyone had luck with contacting them or getting a return?

  • Felix el 07/05/2018 en 06:45

    This is 100% scam!
    I found the same e-mail adresse on another side. (nfrnfk(dot)top) It is a NorthFace outlet side. You always receive an errorcode or a failure, if you try to confirm your order. But if you look into your spam folder you can find the "confirmation". After I immediately blocked my creditcard I received a mail from another e-mail adress. (all_francasaves@outlook.com) It says, that my order isn't paid yet, but if I pay with western union now, they give me an extra discount of 20%... DON'T BUY ANYTHING from the adress: wholesalenewhat(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Razvi el 08/05/2018 en 17:46

    I placed an order for dw watch, thy charged the money from my credit card but didnt sent me any information regarding the parcel or tracking nmber, i sent them mny emails but they are nt responding i m sure ths is a fraud.

  • Alex T el 10/05/2018 en 22:02

    Same happened to me, ordered North Face stuff on 26.04.2018 and no tracking number and neither a response from this bastards. Will contact the bank, hopefully will get at least something back.

  • B.R.N el 12/05/2018 en 20:32

    Hello all.

    My girlfriend bought two pairs of Converse shoe on website call conlaikk.tom the website was promoted on TWITTER and she paid 40E to them.
    As i know we all been robbed by someone who this email address and websites belongs to but there must be an department on the world which can find out who is these people and where these banks transfers are going to and who is responsible for this act.
    There was many websites similar to SUPERDRY CONVERSE NORTHFACE and many others.
    I am not sure if we can get our money back but only people who were affected by them which is us can report this to someone who can find them and put them in court.
    Please if you have any information about any of scam from this email address can you just write the comments bellow so we can know the websites and start reporting this internet crime.... Lee mas

  • sabyyna88 el 15/05/2018 en 10:17

    B:R:N "Please if you have any information about any of scam from this email address can you just write the comments bellow so we can know the websites and start reporting this internet crime."


  • sabyyna88 el 15/05/2018 en 10:53

    talk to the bank, you must forbid the online payment method on your bank cards.
    I reported the case to my bank, they are returning the money

  • PW el 15/05/2018 en 12:44

    I ordered Birkenstocks following a link from Instagram,had no response from them but they've charged my card more than I have been quoted in my order, website is bkxien.top and calling themselves shoes shop. I have contacted them via wholesalenewhat@gmail.com asking for advice regarding order and also about a refund but have had no response. Have I been scammed?

  • sabyyna88 el 15/05/2018 en 12:52

    PW, Yes! Talk to your bank immediately. My bank has already picked up the minutes and banned my card because of my account protection! They said you must forbid it!

  • Ray el 15/05/2018 en 14:55

    Today I paid for JBL speakers through Instagram ad from address http://jblwierr.top/, so received confirmation from wholesalenewhat@gmail.com, so seems I've foolishly robbed... Im wondering how does Instagram fights against such a fake internet shops.

  • BRN el 16/05/2018 en 06:47

    Guys I have an idea if you found any of scam websites or you done the order from one let everyone know where you found it.

    For example I found the website conlaikk.top on Instagram and that website was promoted by this guy (www.instagram.com/rawfreaky) i already contacted Instagram support and just waiting for answer from them. If you find someone on Instagram, Twittter or facebook please just share the link of the profile below so everyone can see the person who is responsible for this crime.
    Many thanks.

  • JBL SHOP el 16/05/2018 en 14:47

    También he caído http://jblirn.top/ por esta pagina, se hacen pasar como si venden JBL con 92% de descuento solo fueron $20 pero no se si me vaciaran la tarjeta

  • Joel el 23/05/2018 en 16:22

    I'm in the same boat, ordered two pairs of trainers on the 24/04/2018 and still not received anything. Do you guys think its best to let my bank know? i'm guessing i wont ever get hold of these shoes :( again i was lured in through an advert via instagram.

  • YiannisAid el 24/05/2018 en 22:42

    http://bktbso.top It claims it is a Birkenstock shoes sale.But it is a fraud.The email is the wholesalewhat@gmail.com that appears after the buy.The advert was from Instagram.

  • wayan arenzani duran el 25/05/2018 en 03:43

    i order some jackets and same thing happened i haven't received anything

    URL:http://nfxkfor.top is all i can find as a website

    the email address is wholesalenewhat@gmail.com and another email i received the email address is support4@webmicroshop.com
    i payed with my credit card and now i don't know what to do do they now have my details?
    anyone know what should i do?

  • Cristina2901 el 29/05/2018 en 17:18

    ich habe 4 paar schuhe (converse) bestellt. Das geld wurde abgebucht und eine Bestellbestätigung habe ich auch bekommen, sonst nichts mehr. keine Angabe wann geliefert wird, keine Antwort auf meine Email.

    ich musste mein kreditkarte canceln, weil ein kaufpreis von 750 € angegeben wurde!!!
    Definitiv betrug! geht unbedingt zur bank, wenn ihr eure Kreditkartendaten angegeben habt!

  • Cristina2901 el 29/05/2018 en 17:23

    @wayan arenzani duran Go to the bank as soon as possible and cancel your credit card. They are cheaters!

  • 11Salas el 30/05/2018 en 17:47

    I bought one pair of Adidas Stan Smith via Instagram and I've never received them!!
    Don't answer any e-mails!

  • SAMU el 06/06/2018 en 18:07

    I just ordered an order for a NORTH FACE backpack.
    I realize that it is a scam for the comments and the order will never reach me.
    How can we make these sons of bitches no longer make fun of people and thus be able to report them before the relevant authorities?

  • David el 06/06/2018 en 18:12

    hijosdeputa ladrones"!

  • Gitana el 14/06/2018 en 10:08

    I found them on Instagram. I bought iqos. I didn’t get any answer. I paid with my card and afraid now. What will be with my credit card details!

  • Faith el 19/06/2018 en 00:37

    Ordered two weeks ago and haven't heard a word. Worried about what they will do with my details.

  • Michelle el 23/06/2018 en 14:03

    I ordered a pair of vans !!!! Have received email on confirmation of order but nothing else !!!

  • Park el 25/06/2018 en 20:00

    What the hack??
    received email on cofirmation of order
    cancel email send now
    You fake nerdy store what the close?

  • Longer el 26/06/2018 en 05:01

    Ordered Northface apparel, paid with cc, got scared, cancelled cc trying to stop payment but bank said can’t, have emailed requesting cancellation and refund, heard nothing.

  • jenn el 28/06/2018 en 15:12

    I also am afraid Ive been scammed! ordered a pair of adiadas shoes no tracking # attatched month plus later and quite a few emails later no response and no shoes! I went thru instagram

    and since have reported this internet scam!

  • Paloma el 28/06/2018 en 16:56

    Que es lo que pasa con esta página e pedido un teléfono y ya no me fio

  • Fer el 28/06/2018 en 17:03

    Paloma, mucho me temo que te habrán estafado como a mí. Soy quien ha abierto esta denuncia. En efecto, transcurridos 12 días desde que he efectuado la compra, hoy he recibido el paquete. No he recibido las zapatillas deportivas que compré. He recibido un calzado deportivo que no tiene nada que ver con lo que pedí. UNA ESTAFA. El paquete me ha venido de China y las zapatillas que me han enviado ni siquiera en caja, envueltas únicamente con un plástico y el envoltorio de seguridad de envío.

  • john el 01/07/2018 en 14:05

    Trek bikes 90% off, adidas shoes 80% off...all online scammers by instagram..not pay! they are scammers

  • Ruben el 03/07/2018 en 19:51

    Hay que hacer la denuncia en el banco y Policia Nacional. Yo compre chaquetas North Face de publicidad en instagram. solo recibi mail de confirmacion yme cobraron de mas. no recibi hasta el momento nada.

  • Tavo el 04/07/2018 en 09:06

    Ordered a jacket, i just received a reply from wholesalenewscamshit@gmail.com in my spam file. Never received the jacket, then I called my credit card company, got a refund and I want to report these people.

  • Mark el 05/07/2018 en 08:25

    Placed an order because it was on instagram. Been trying to contact them and receive no responses!

  • RJ el 06/07/2018 en 23:06

    They are a scumbag organisation if you made a payment call your credit card company to get a refund

  • shelly el 09/07/2018 en 17:33

    Placed an order from an ad on Facebook. I never received any confirmation of tracking. No way to contact them. I have tried every way to contact them and no luck. Their website not working. Never received the order.
    I seems with all the comments that this must be a Scam.

  • Victor el 13/07/2018 en 18:23

    Yo también caí. U$60 por unas chaquetas North Face que jamás llegaron. La compra fue hace 2 meses y la pagina http://clothdu.top/ ya no existe. Que ingenuo creer en esas super ofertas.

    • manoliel 11/12/2018 en 11:24

      acabas d decir la clave....ingnorantes o ingenuos...d eso se valen....mejor valorar los precios

  • heli el 14/07/2018 en 02:28

    I bought Dr Martens via facebook advert . The same story ; nothing has arrived,emails not responded. I shall try to contact my bank now to see if I can have refund ..
    I paid by card , can these fraudsters use my card details ????

  • CARMEN el 19/07/2018 en 07:29

    Yo también he caido !!! compré el 9 de junio una plancha del pelo en ghd shop, me cargaron más de lo que ponía y hasta la fecha no he recibido nada. Encima entro en el enlace y me salen unas letras chinas .... Esa publicidad venía a través de Facebook.
    Lo que me da miedo es que vuelvan a cargarme otro importe al tener los datos de mi tarjeta. Hablaré con mi banco para ver si me dan una solución.

  • Sandra T el 23/07/2018 en 20:17

    I bought a pair of Buffalo’s from those fuckers on 27th of June...

    Still no shoes, and I kinda expected a delay since I live in Norway, but now I realise that I’m most definately a victim of fraud like you..
    Can these idiots now use my credit card info for more fraud?? I have to contact my bank!

  • Angela el 29/07/2018 en 18:26

    I try not to buy stuff online for this reason and i go and do it and look I have $300 dollars missing due to this scam. I purchase an order of three jackets and three shorts i have sent numerous emails and yet to see my product. Wow this is why I buy with in my own town. I live in Alberta this is just bothering to me. I am a sucker and will never do this again.

  • Romila Gabriel el 16/08/2018 en 07:12

    De ce nu pot plati cu un card de OLANDA (NL) in euro

  • Marissa el 16/08/2018 en 22:42

    I just went straight to my credit card and disputed the charges. I was a doofus and thought it really was a NorthFace outlet, even with part of me screaming that it was too good to be true. I let them know that all of the research leads to this being a scam, had them cancel and reissue my card with a new number, and started the dispute with the claim. I'm not even going to wait to not get the items.

  • Samir el 22/08/2018 en 23:39

    Voici les infos du propriétaire du site avec un nouveau site mais toujours le même proprio.
    Sponsoring Organisation
    DotSite Inc.
    F/19, BC1, Ras Al Khaimah FTZ
    P.O Box # 16113, Ras Al Khaimah - 16113.
    United Arab Emirates
    Administrative Contact
    Shweta Sahjwani
    DotSite, Inc
    F/19, BC1, Ras Al Khaimah FTZ
    P.O Box # 16113, Ras Al Khaimah - 16113.
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    Technical Contact
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    London EC2R 6AR
    United Kingdom

  • Samir el 22/08/2018 en 23:42

    L’hébergeur du site https://radix.website/
    Vous pouvez déjà signaler l'arnaque affin qui bloque le site pour commencer.

  • Rafa el 27/08/2018 en 10:00

    Hize una compra de tres abrigos , rápidamente al hacer el pago note que no tenía information del shipping , ni un email seguro , hicieron el cargo a mi tarjeta de 120 dólares americanos , llame al banco cancelaron la tarjeta y están en trámites de reembolso. .. hay personas malas. Ojo cuando hagan compras hoy caímos .. pero creeme que ya no me cojen..

    • manoliel 11/12/2018 en 11:27

      rafa q son shipping y email seguro? como poder verlo antes d hacer la compra?

  • Gqq1414 el 01/09/2018 en 00:17

    Instagram advertisement bosvec.top, gmail to their company wholesalenewhat@gmail.com. they are a bad company, my bank is investigating. Justice will be served. An important lesson learned, "if it's to good to be true, then it's not true".

  • MASSI2210 el 04/09/2018 en 14:15

    Ho acquistato una bici TREK BIKES sul sito wholesalenewhat (phishing tramite Instagram adv) e mi sono reso conto solo adesso di essere stato raggirato. La bici non arriverà mai. Ho contattato il produttore per sapere se al corrente di truffe con il suo nome ma, per ora, non mi ha risposto..

  • Kt el 05/09/2018 en 12:22

    It is fraud!!!

  • Rambo333 el 12/09/2018 en 10:49

    Tool add on Facebook too made an order and nothing no tools tracking number receipt just the charge to my bank account figured facebook wouldn't let scams on there site

  • eric el 18/09/2018 en 10:38

    wholesalenewhat@gmail.com est un escrocs et je pense que makita marche avec eux

  • JackWolfskin el 19/09/2018 en 22:54

    So silly me got ripped off by this "to good to be true" facebook ad for a Jack Wolfskin tent. Reiceved an order confirmation from the wholesalenewhat(a)gmail account and I got charged and I have paid 691NOK to TONGDA LEATHER PRODUCTS 4 days after I've reiceved the mail. My bank is contacted and I'm having a feeling of shameful discomfort right now

    Order Number:34
    Date Ordered:Saturday 25 August, 2018

    1 x GREAT DIVIDE RT (Jack Wolfskin2037) = 64.23

  • Kenny el 25/09/2018 en 18:35

    Esto es una estafa (makibet.club) es tambien una pagina de ellos y estos correos

    Tova e izamama ne im vqrvayte.
    Bunlar dolandirici sakin inanmayin paralarinizi alirlar evinize de bir sey gelmez.

  • numa el 27/09/2018 en 14:14

    e comprado un carro de herramientas en la pagina que se anuncia en Facebook llamada toolay.site y me parece que es otra pagina de estafa por que aparece el mismo correo que poneis por aqui

  • Alice el 30/09/2018 en 09:28

    Pagate due paia di Vans (http://www.laggie.top/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3_9)
    Arrivate entrambe le mail di conferma,trovate giorni dopo nello spam,e ovviamente mai arrivate.

    No comment !!!!

  • Oyepopo el 02/10/2018 en 22:03

    Scam purchased a stroller from
    http://chccnci.xyz. advertising Chicco strollers and babycare. It's a Scam!!! Got an email from wholesalenewhat@gmail.com confirming my order

  • ferdie el 03/10/2018 en 17:37

    Instagram should have some responsibility for the adverts that they accept. Only option now is to claim against your credit card.

  • bber el 08/10/2018 en 11:20

    Bought a NorthFace tent 2 months ago…. never recceived it! And they do not answer e-mail.

  • Shelley el 10/10/2018 en 14:13

    I’ve ordered 2 car seats had order confirmation no way to track as was not given a tracking code ordered 24th September 2018 still not received anything how do I go about getting my money back this is so bad but should have known better ???????????? ive sent emails with no reply wankers !!!

  • Ang el 14/10/2018 en 17:06

    This is a scam do not order anything from this wed site they get your email cc and make purchases DO NOT FALL FOR THIS

  • deeaamo89 el 15/10/2018 en 12:51

    Am facut si eu o plata de 115 euro pentru niste ''piese makita'' (asta a fost la sfarsitul lui august) si am tot asteptat si le-am trimis email dar nu mi-au mai raspuns. Cum as putea sa-mi recuperez banii?

  • Bruno Lopes el 19/10/2018 en 02:14

    Hi, i place an order for a bike at the end of september and so far a got nothing. I try to send an email but i didn't receive any reply. I found this website selling bikes and tha mail i receive was wholesalenewhat@gmail.com in a advertise on facebook....

  • Carolin el 23/10/2018 en 21:06

    Habe Doc Martens bestellt, aber direkt gemerkt, dass es nicht sein kann, dass sie so super günstig erhältlich sind. Habe direkt meine Kreditkarte sperren lassen, nachdem ich diese Kommentare gelesen habe. (Speernotruf!) Zum Glück nur 10min nach Bestellung, heißt, ich bin raus aus dem Schneider. Sie werden es wahrscheinlich probieren, mir das Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen, gebe dann ein Update!

  • Morgan el 27/10/2018 en 11:48

    saw doc martens for sale at http://draitr.xyz with this e-mail address. Must be a scam selling docs at £25ish. Claimed to accept paypal but there was no paypal option at check out; red flag because paypal is good about chargebacks.

  • Klaudia el 12/11/2018 en 17:48

    Czy ktoś wie co z tym zrobić? Można jakoś odzyskac stracone pieniądze?

  • Paty el 16/11/2018 en 23:45

    Yo también he sido robada por estos estafadores no se que hacer!!!!

  • Cristina el 17/11/2018 en 00:30

    Yo compré en esta página en Facebook hace una semana Y me han contado más fe lo indicado y por lo que vio es un fraude yo no he recibido nada y he mandado 2 mail de los que lo he tenido respuesta. Denunciare si falta mañana. Creo que desigual debería tomar cartas en el asunto. Una pena pq no compraré nada de esta marca por Internet

  • Jeri el 29/11/2018 en 13:25

    Hi, I´m probably one of you, Scam on me happend too. I did order a tool box with 500pcs and I did pay for that by VISA card. 6weeks are gone and my money too. Feeling sad now about


    Watch up for : wholesalenewhat(a)gmail.com


    Power tool shop. Powered by Zen Cart

  • jmarc el 26/12/2018 en 18:46

    attention. Paiement de 2 paire de Docks, 60 euros. depuis un mois, 3 retraits effectués

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